The Good Old Days

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Eventful isn't always fun. But, one might as well laugh at it.

We worked harder at Grandma's house than any place on earth. There was no electricity inrepparttar earlier years. Water had to be drawn fromrepparttar 118228 well. Milk came straight fromrepparttar 118229 cow ... gross. And, food was still alive!

The table was set with all sorts of foreign oddities modern day children would abhor. If it didn't come in a box or bag, forget it. This was a really good week to go on a diet!

None of us ... absolutely none of us sisters ever have any desire to go camping, fishing, hunting, or even to have a garden. We got our fill in our early years.

The good old days my foot! I bet I could write a funny page about them good old days. Grandma thought for sure them there chickens would peck us to death!

The only thing worse thanrepparttar 118230 stinky splinter potentialed outhouse wasrepparttar 118231 dreaded ice cold pot. And, if there wasn't a full moon, you were on your own. We'd often cheat and pee just outsiderepparttar 118232 front door, thinking it would be dry by morning, nonerepparttar 118233 wiser. Maybe that's why there was never anything green growing aroundrepparttar 118234 doorway.

Share a Smile

Written by Joyce C. Lock

(a clean, heart warming, and humorous email list group)


To every thing there is a season ... and a time to laugh ... Ec. 3:1-4


'Share a Smile' is a free email list group, having originated, in 2001, among friends ofrepparttar Heavenly Inspirations email list group.

'Share a Smile' went over so well that we want to share these smiles with you and we hope you enjoy them enough to share with your friends, too!


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine Proverbs 17:22


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