The Good Citizen

Written by Terry Dashner

The Good Citizen…

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And thenrepparttar storyteller replied with an illustration, “A young optimist was traveling through life from cradle to grave, and she was attacked by caustic cynics. They—the cynics,repparttar 105750 caustics,repparttar 105751 self-enlightened ones, andrepparttar 105752 other hubristic jesters of printed page—stripped her of her dignity, patriotism, and voice and left her half dead besiderepparttar 105753 road.

“By chance a man fromrepparttar 105754 silent majority—those who love their nation but say nothing in her defense—came along; but when he sawrepparttar 105755 woman lying there, he crossed torepparttar 105756 other side and passed her by. A non-informed walked over and looked at her lying there, but he also passed by onrepparttar 105757 other side—not wanting to get involved.

“Then an informed citizen came along, and when he sawrepparttar 105758 woman, he felt deep pity. The informed citizen—that is one who loves God, country, and family and speaks his peace with a grace

Banana Republic - United Kingdom

Written by Birmingham UK Com

The recent scathing remarks by High Court Judge Richard Mawrey overrepparttar disgraceful actions ofrepparttar 105749 six Labour councillors from Birmingham is somethingrepparttar 105750 city could well do without. The Judge went as far as to say thatrepparttar 105751 recent electoral fraud would disgrace even a banana republic.

It transpires thatrepparttar 105752 vote rigging was part of an organised campaign to steal, forge and/or alter thousands of postal votes to ensure that Labour did not suffer from another backlash against it overrepparttar 105753 Iraq war. The six candidates involved wonrepparttar 105754 Bordesley Green and Aston elections through riggingrepparttar 105755 vote. The councillors involved are Mohammed Islam, Muhammad Agzal, Mohammed Kazi, Ayaz Khan, Shafaq Ahmed and Shah Jahan.

The councillors have been sacked fromrepparttar 105756 Labour Party and ordered to payrepparttar 105757 costs ofrepparttar 105758 trial. A criminal trial may take place afterrepparttar 105759 General Election. Judge Mawrey has decided not to burdenrepparttar 105760 people of Birmingham withrepparttar 105761 court costs and has ordered thatrepparttar 105762 shamed councillors footrepparttar 105763 estimated £500,000 legal bill.

Incredibly there are no systems in place to prevent fraud. Signatures of voters are not checked against applications. Anyone who manages to get hold of a blank form can return it with a vote. The police are powerless to do much about it and whilst they have received large numbers of complaints about rigged voting incidents they have either been powerless to act or have lackedrepparttar 105764 time and inclination.

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