The Gingerbread Nightmare

Written by Valerie Garner

The Gingerbread Nightmare

Do you ever see those beautiful gingerbread houses duringrepparttar holiday seasons that are so beautiful? They look so simple, and look like such a fun project to do withrepparttar 118311 kids making gifts for grandma and grandpa. I could just feel it….soft Christmas music inrepparttar 118312 background,repparttar 118313 warm, spicy smell of gingerbread fillingrepparttar 118314 air,repparttar 118315 cozy warmth ofrepparttar 118316 fire on a snowy day, and my children and I building these luscious goodies sure to bless our family and friends, and all inexpensively as well.

That wasrepparttar 118317 fantasy. Where was my mind? How could I forget aboutrepparttar 118318 little thing we call REALITY? Ever notice how professionals make things look easy? That’srepparttar 118319 very mark of a professional.

The first reality check wasrepparttar 118320 store. Money was very tight and these looked like a great way to give a quality to gift to several loved ones. After we didrepparttar 118321 shopping forrepparttar 118322 candy andrepparttar 118323 ingredients for these gingerbread houses,repparttar 118324 bill totaled nearly $75. I almost fainted. (We could have bought some great gifts with that, or even bought beautiful gingerbread houses).

As for Christmas music,repparttar 118325 children insisted uponrepparttar 118326 Chipmunk’s Christmas carols. Have you ever listened to more than 1 chipmunk song at a time? Have you ever noticed what that does to a brain?

The fire was nice, but then we hadrepparttar 118327 fights over whose turn it was to stokerepparttar 118328 fire. Two boys can fight over anything, and anything involving work makes a worthy fight indeed.

We started withrepparttar 118329 dough, and that part turned out! It was SO delicious… fact we had to make more because after all of us eating dough, there wasn’t enough forrepparttar 118330 houses. So….back to making more dough.

This particular dough had to be chilled, then rolled, then you cut pieces ofrepparttar 118331 house out from a paper mold with a knife. Ok, got that part. We put it inrepparttar 118332 oven for baking, and half ofrepparttar 118333 pieces burnt terribly. The other half were perfect, but you can’t build a house with halfrepparttar 118334 parts. So…..we had to make MORE dough. By now, we’re not having fun anymore. It’s getting late and mom is beginning to want to get this mess cleaned up now. We finished making new house pieces and it was like midnight, I had long putrepparttar 118335 children to bed and was cranky now at this point. The only thing to do now was to let everything cool (including tempers), and attemptrepparttar 118336 decorating tomorrow.

Mouth Wide Open!

Written by Jim Henderson

Withrepparttar advent of modern technology, anyone with a computer can write or speak whatever is on their mind. This word is used lightly inrepparttar 118310 case of this writer. We call this, “freedom of speech”. It’s also constitutionally protected. In case you are unfamiliar withrepparttar 118311 constitution,repparttar 118312 founding fathers institutedrepparttar 118313 right of free speech to protect those who are prone to utter really crude and sensless remarks.

At one time, speech had a very specific purpose, that beingrepparttar 118314 primary means of communication between two or more indivuiduals. As such, it was criticial to our survival. Now it’s just something to occupy us untilrepparttar 118315 next show comes onrepparttar 118316 television. Fortunately forrepparttar 118317 human race, we were able to construct language in order to freely converse among ourselves. The only other possible mode of communication would have been to simply read each other’s minds, which would have resulted inrepparttar 118318 immediate anhilation of humankind. Imagine how long your marriage would have lasted if you both knew whatrepparttar 118319 other was thinking! “Til’ death do us part “ may have been much quicker than we expected under those circumstances. Immediately after they invented speech, someone had to invent tact. Tact is when you actually think before you open your mouth and say something really thoughtless!

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