The Gift of Gab

Written by John Boe

A working understanding of temperament styles (personality types) will have a profound impact onrepparttar way you perceive yourself and will greatly enhance all of your relationships. If you are a salesperson, this information will significantly increase your sales effectiveness by enabling you to build trust and rapport quickly with your prospects and customers. Business owners and managers find this knowledge invaluable. It can improverepparttar 126349 way you supervise your employees and allow you to recruit more effectively. As a parent, it can dramatically improverepparttar 126350 way you relate to your children. If you are single, it can provide you insight into selecting a compatible mate.

Hippocrates,repparttar 126351 father of medicine, has been credited with originatingrepparttar 126352 basic theory of temperament styles twenty-four hundred years ago. Hippocrates believed that we are born with a combination of four genetic influences that he called humors; Choleric (Worker), Sanguine (Talker), Phlegmatic (Watcher), and Melancholy (Thinker). He observed that these four styles have a direct influence on our physiology, character traits and outlook on life. In fact,repparttar 126353 word temperament which is commonly used to describe personality types is a Latin term which means, “a mixing in due portion.” While we are each born with a primary temperament, our personality is comprised of all four styles. My temperament training system gives yourepparttar 126354 tools and knowledge to recognize a person’s primary temperament style through observation. Each primary temperament style exhibits a body language preference and has distinctive physical features and characteristics that are neither gender, race, nor age specific. This is a significant breakthrough inrepparttar 126355 study of temperament understanding because it is a practical system that can be used with everyone you meet. My temperament-training program allows you to put this information to use in your day-to-day encounters fromrepparttar 126356 boardroom torepparttar 126357 kitchen table. This article showcasesrepparttar 126358 Sanguine/Talker temperament style.

The Talker temperament style isrepparttar 126359 I, or Influencer, inrepparttar 126360 D.I.S.C. temperament profiling system. The Talker is extroverted and persuasive by nature, they are known to possessrepparttar 126361 “gift of gab.” Talkers will normally berepparttar 126362 one to initiate a conversation and they seek to getrepparttar 126363 last word in as well. Due to their enthusiastic and expressive nature they are inclined to interrupt others. They are often referred to as natural born salespeople and it is said that they can sell ice to Eskimos. They haverepparttar 126364 ability to think quickly on their feet and are very articulate. A Talker prefers to be around people and when alone will usually have a radio or TV playing inrepparttar 126365 background for company. The Talker enjoys a change of pace and dislikes routine or structure. They require freedom to express their ideas and they enjoy recognition for their accomplishments. They are “big picture” people and don’t like dealing in detail work. They get bored sitting still for long periods of time and needrepparttar 126366 freedom to move around.

Why is Bobby Knight Explosive?

Written by John Boe

Bobby Knight is presentlyrepparttar head basketball coach at Texas Tech. Prior to being hired by them Bobby Knight spent twenty-nine years coaching basketball at Indiana University. In those twenty-nine years he coached many successful basketball teams and in fact, brought three NCAA basketball championships back to Indiana. He was recognized as a strict disciplinarian and used a “hands on” coaching style. Coach Knight was feared and respected not only byrepparttar 126348 opposing team, but by his own players as well. His winning tradition at Indiana University made him an icon for college basketball. Here is a man who was atrepparttar 126349 top of his game and appeared to have it all. So what happened? Why did Indiana fire him as their head basketball coach? Essentially Bobby Knight lost his job when he lost his temper. It has been said that people are a lot like steel, once they loose their temper they are rendered useless. Unfortunately when most people think of Bobby Knight, they picture an irate coach throwing a chair acrossrepparttar 126350 basketball court dramatically underscoring his disagreement with an official’s call. His explosive and volatile temper ultimately caused him to be placed on probation at Indiana University after he chocked one of his players during practice.

Why are some people more aggressive and volatile than others? Twenty-four hundred years ago, Hippocrates,repparttar 126351 father of medicine, theorized that we are born into one of four primary temperament styles and that each style has it’s own unique physiology, character traits and outlook on life; Choleric (aggressive), Sanguine (emotional), Phlegmatic (passive)

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