The G-8 and Other Figureheads

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Presidents Before Washington:

Fromrepparttar moment thatrepparttar 148117 first Declaration of Independence in Mecklenburg, North Carolina took place (if not before) there were people leadingrepparttar 148118 cause of American Independence. Butrepparttar 148119 Presidents ofrepparttar 148120 Continental Congress starting with Peyton Randolph should be considered as key figures inrepparttar 148121 history of this façade called America. The United States is actually many things other than a democracy despite whatrepparttar 148122 media say. It is Synarchy or an oligarchy wrapped in fine talk, corporate intrigue and cronyistic breaks for ‘supporters’ orrepparttar 148123 owners of The Fed. The Randolphs are Royals and so were most ofrepparttar 148124 landed gentry and slave owners who formed this nation due torepparttar 148125 move away from slavery in Britain and France. There are other investment reasons for international financiers includingrepparttar 148126 King of England andrepparttar 148127 Rothschild Illuminati and Hessians that we must inspect again and again.

There were people in charge of America andrepparttar 148128 trade with it from Europe and China and other places throughout many millennia starting with Ophir, Moses, then Solomon, Joseph of Arimathaea, Robertrepparttar 148129 Bruce and

Hanging On By Teddy's Thread

Written by Marvic

Victoria Koning from Marvic Tours and Tales was deeply saddened after reading a news article, datedrepparttar 16th June 2005, which stated that 50 children get raped every day in South Africa. She foundrepparttar 148103 words almost incomprehensible ... and quite devestating. But a small glimmer of hope was found when she learned aboutrepparttar 148104 Mother Bear Project (

Amy Berman foundedrepparttar 148105 Mother Bear Project, which requests that volunteers knit a teddy bear based on her mother’s World War II pattern. The teddy bear then gets a little face and red felt heart sewn on to it and is shipped off to a little child in South Africa, and other countries.

Berman had read a similar article about these children getting raped, "I could not just closerepparttar 148106 magazine and continue with my everyday life knowing there were children in such pain," said Berman. "I knew I could not solverepparttar 148107 'big problem' from here, but I thought maybe I could bring awareness of this problem and provide comfort torepparttar 148108 young victims inrepparttar 148109 form of a teddy," she said. “I believe every bear has a story, and we only hear a few ofrepparttar 148110 thousands.

“In Zambia, a little 7-year old girl who had AIDS was being stigmatised by her peers because it was known she hadrepparttar 148111 disease. She stopped going to school and before she died she asked that she be buried with her bear because it was her only friend.“

“One 8-year old boy in South Africa who was living in a child-headed household, had to evacuate his home with his siblings a few months ago during torrential rains because his home was falling apart. He told his sister that he had to go and get his bear. His teen sister told him not to go because he would be risking his life. He said he had to becauserepparttar 148112 bear had a heart on it and that meant someone loved him. He did get his bear before his home was totally destroyed.”

Koning contacted Berman to express her heart-felt thanks and appreciation of what was being done, and asked how they [Marvic] could be of help. Berman replied, “I am always touched by hearing from others who find out about this project and want to help. It is incredible howrepparttar 148113 Internet can bring people together.” Berman continued, “I have now sent over 6,300 bears from knitters all overrepparttar 148114 U.S. andrepparttar 148115 world. These knitters have ranged in age from 8 - 97 years old, and they come from all faiths and backgrounds. Each person has their own reason for knitting a bear, and I feel like it is my primary duty to make sure these bears are given out unconditionally as they were intended.”

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