The Fundamentals

Written by Paul Rinehart

Several thoughts run through one’s head when they think of French cooking. Visions of buttery goodness, heavy creams and fancy displays. There is much more to French cooking than that; France isn’t just Paris after all.

French food has several fundamentals, such asrepparttar mire poix,repparttar 150505 bouquet garni or herb satchel and chicken stock.

The Fundamentals

A mire poix is 3 parts onion, 2 parts celery and one part carrot. You’ll find this in most French dishes withrepparttar 150506 exception of fish and a few other recipes.

The bouquet garni is a collection of herbs sometimes put into a cheesecloth. The typical ingredients are: Bay leaf, pepper corns, thyme and parsley stems.

The chicken stock: Never throw away your bones and vegetable trimmings again! This is a useful way of using parts you might ordinarily toss. Another thing is, with this fundamental ingredient, you get to use two other fundamental ingredients, yes…repparttar 150507 mire poix andrepparttar 150508 bouquet garni. Don’t addrepparttar 150509 liver, put that aside for a pate or something, livers are even good sautéed in butter. Check outrepparttar 150510 recipe below.

Chicken Stock Ingredients Carrots Celery Onions Chicken Giblets (NO LIVER!) Chicken Bones Water Bouquet Garni

Add all ingredients to a stockpot, cover with cold water.

Bring to a boil and let simmer. Stocks can simmer for over an hour. It depends onrepparttar 150511 strength you wish to have.

Drain and let liquid cool.

So how do I use these ingredients? Check this next recipe out. We’re going to use all three fundamental ingredients! Soup, hey it’srepparttar 150512 first thing I had to make in culinary school. With this basic recipe, you can substituterepparttar 150513 main ingredient with just about any vegetable. For now we’ll keep it simple, Cream of Asparagus Soup.

Cream of Asparagus Soup Ingredients Asparagus (about a pound will do) Mire poix (keep it simple, use 1 large onion, 3 celery stalks, and one medium sized carrot) Bouquet Garni 2 russet potatoes Chicken stock Salt and Pepper White Wine Heavy cream

How Fast is Fast Food? The Race is On!

Written by Carole Pagan

I couldn’t help it. My neighbor was heading out on her almost daily trek torepparttar McDonalds Drive-thru. I was about to start dinner. Who would win?

I seasonedrepparttar 150376 steaks and put them aside. I washed and poked repparttar 150377 potatoes to “bake” inrepparttar 150378 microwave. Fire uprepparttar 150379 stovetop grill and throw onrepparttar 150380 steaks. Startrepparttar 150381 microwave for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile I made a salad – lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded carrot, and a little broccoli.

5 minutes is up. Turnrepparttar 150382 steaks. Turnrepparttar 150383 potatoes and set for another 5 minutes.

I also noticed that there was still some cantaloupe, so I cut up some of that too.

Dinner is done, and Diane is not back yet!

She typically has a McChicken and a large Coke. Because it’s chicken she thinks it’s healthier. And she thinks it’s faster and easier. Hmmmmmm

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