The Full Circle of RSS Marketing Power

Written by Rok Hrastnik

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

RSS is a many-in-one marketing & publishing tool, although unfortunatelly most marketers still fail to understand this powerful concept.

While RSS does provide a number of benefits when used for each individual marketing function, best results are achieved when it is fully integrated in your internet marketing strategy. In more simpler terms --- when you use it to power most of your marketing online.

The key point is that RSS makes various marketing functions work together, in order to generaterepparttar best possible end result.

Itís nowrepparttar 143866 time to tie it all together and seerepparttar 143867 whole picture Ö

1] RSS as a content delivery channel for communicating with subscribers, customers, prospects and partners gets your content delivered and provides you with multiple new content delivery & business development opportunities. Yes, RSS gets your content to your subscribers without fail, enabling you to communicate with them and sell to them.

2] RSS as a promotional/visibility tool increases your traffic by improving your search engine rankings, generating traffic from new RSS specific sites and getting your content published on other sites. Each of these activities brings new visitors to your site, which are now ready to be converted in to new subscribers with which you can communicate (via RSS and/or e-mail) onrepparttar 143868 long-term. In addition,repparttar 143869 improved visibility enforces your brand and generates more credibility for your company.

3] Content delivery to end-users and content syndication together formrepparttar 143870 basis of RSS conversations, which further spread your reach throughoutrepparttar 143871 internet and serve as a strong PR platform.

How To Promote Affiliate Programs With Much More Success - Part 1: Your Own Promotion Material

Written by Jim Boere

Copyright 2005 Jim Boere

Create your own promotion material.

I realize that may sound like a strange thing to say. After all, you probably found a whole range of ready-to-use ads and websites in all shapes and sizes when you logged in to your affiliate account! And I'm not saying you shouldn't use those. But I do advise you to create your own variations on them as well.

Think that's too difficult? You'll be surprised... Let me explainrepparttar why andrepparttar 143865 how.

Most affiliates userepparttar 143866 exact same ads inrepparttar 143867 exact same ways, inrepparttar 143868 exact same places. Now, I believe over time that inevitably makes those ads less effective. Especially ifrepparttar 143869 program is well-known and has who knows how many thousands of members!

People will get used to seeing those same ads over and over again, and so they loose their impact. People will grow immune to them, so to speak...

But that can actually good news! You can use this fact to your advantage...

By being original.

You see,repparttar 143870 vast majority of affiliates does not realizerepparttar 143871 importance of what I've just told you. And even those that do; some of them aren't very creative and simply don't come up with their own ideas. Others are just plain lazy... The result isrepparttar 143872 same: they userepparttar 143873 same ads for a long time, often even for as long as they remain an affiliate.

And that gives you a brilliant opportunity to stand out fromrepparttar 143874 crowd.

Create your own promotion material!

Present prospects with something fresh, something new. Replacerepparttar 143875 'same old stuff' they've already seen ten times before and have grown immune to.

You'll find that people will pay much more attention to your ads. Result: a higher response rate...and more affiliates in your downline.

Let's look at ways to easily create your own promotion material.

1) Write your own articles.

Forrepparttar 143876 'why' of writing articles, I refer to my article "Why You Should Write An Article, Today!" which you can read online at:

I also suggest you subscribe to my free eCourse on affiliate marketing. It coversrepparttar 143877 'how' of writing articles, and it comes with six fully rebrandable and rewritable articles you can instantly use to promote any affiliate program you want.

Go here to subscribe:

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