The Free Ride In Public Schools

Written by Joel Turtel

To protect children’s self-esteem or deflect complaints by parents, many public schools today automatically advance failing students torepparttar next grade level. In other schools, some students are left back a maximum of one year, then promoted again regardless of their academic skills.

The No Child Left Behind Act tries to solve this problem. The federal government is pressuring public schools to set minimum standards that each student must pass before advancing torepparttar 148448 next grade.

However, in spite of these new laws, many states still have semi-automatic advancement based onrepparttar 148449 student’s overall performance. Many schools consider a student’s "portfolio" of work, attendance record, or other mitigating factors. Based on these factors,repparttar 148450 school may advance students torepparttar 148451 next grade, even though they do poorly on their tests or read at a previous grade level.

For example, a dedicated California 7th-grade math teacher wrote to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk-show host, about this problem. She said that about 30 percent of her students did not do their daily homework assignments, but she could do nothing about this. That is becauserepparttar 148452 California Education code forbids teachers from "punishing" students for failing to do their homework.

She also said that students are "not retained" if they fail one class or fail all their classes. "Not retained" is a polite way of saying not left back.

Students may not want to do their homework because it bores them to death, but these kids are smart anyhow. Why should they bother doing homework or studying hard if they advance torepparttar 148453 next grade no matter how bad they do in class? That would be dumb, and these kids are not dumb.

Confessions of a King

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

It is true that I am related torepparttar King family and also torepparttar 148374 hamilton/Stewart BEES. Despiterepparttar 148375 family talk that gave me insight as a young man I have taken decadess to piece together their intrigue as they createdrepparttar 148376 New World Order (which is not so new).

Rufus King: (Said to berepparttar 148377 fifth most important person inrepparttar 148378 founding of America by another researcher.)

I have also presented a great deal of possibility-thinking in regards torepparttar 148379 elite families and their noble lineages or genetic manipulations includingrepparttar 148380 Merovingians that includerepparttar 148381 likes ofrepparttar 148382 Randolphs and Churchills. This is an incorporation of special people into their bloodlines beyond what Gardner documents in Genesis ofrepparttar 148383 Grail Kings. Lord Mountbatten may have known what I suspect is true, but few others could. Paschal Beverly Randolph, like his ancestor Peyton Randolph, almost certainly was one ofrepparttar 148384 top people in this foul and esoteric plot even if he was not part ofrepparttar 148385 Crowleyan Perdurabo ritualistic soul-grabbing which I have inside information or personal experience about. I have written about it in other books. It includes Thomas Jefferson who was given special tutelage byrepparttar 148386 Newtonian alchemist byrepparttar 148387 name of Professor Short forrepparttar 148388 formative period of Jefferson’s education at William and Mary University. I will probably never haverepparttar 148389 whole picture and yet this book will attempt to shed some light on these racial issues and genetic engineering they have engaged which surrounds Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson. It was something I was once going to do in honor of my ancestor Rufus King who wasrepparttar 148390 first man in New York to publicly free his slaves. However I droppedrepparttar 148391 project when I discovered some disturbing things about Thomas Jefferson who I had admired greatly and still feel is one ofrepparttar 148392 great people of recent history.

I now begin to suspect Rufus King was an elitist paladin of high standing in these intrigues. He was involved inrepparttar 148393 negotiations aboutrepparttar 148394 Louisiana Purchase even though he wasrepparttar 148395 English contact. Does this meanrepparttar 148396 English Royals were behind or a part ofrepparttar 148397 whole matter? Here is a little reference about letters involving him andrepparttar 148398 Louisiana Purchase. “34 letters written from Paris, December 1801 to May 1803, by Robert R. Livingston, U.S. Minster to France, to Rufus King, Minister Plenipotentiary ofrepparttar 148399 U.S., relating to negotiations that resulted inrepparttar 148400 Louisiana Purchase.” (3)

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