The Free-Reprint Articles Powerhouse and Copyright Law

Written by Bill Platt

Writing articles is definitely a very solid method of building a client base for your online business. There is no doubt about that. The writers I speak with who use free-reprint articles forrepparttar promotion of their businesses all proudly talk about repparttar 108185 success articles have brought to them.

Articles will generate substantial traffic to those who write well. Even better, a considerable amount ofrepparttar 108186 traffic will convert to sales.

The Internet is a rocky super highway. Thousands upon thousands of people have had their dreams shattered byrepparttar 108187 realities of marketing online.

Less than 5% of all online businesses will survive, so it is important to try to dorepparttar 108188 things thatrepparttar 108189 95% do not do. I will tell you one thing now --- more than 95% of all online marketers do not even attempt to use articles forrepparttar 108190 promotion of their businesses.

I have written a number of articles telling people aboutrepparttar 108191 promotional power of free-reprint articles. In fact, I have built my business on free-reprint articles, by helping others tap intorepparttar 108192 promotional powerhouse for themselves.

I have often said that one should investigate writing their own articles. I have even said that ideas of inspiration can be found in readingrepparttar 108193 works of others.

I wish to re-emphasize my original direction to find inspiration by readingrepparttar 108194 words of others. I said that reading around should only be used for inspiration. One will discover that as they read someone else's point of view, they will suddenly see an idea for an article on what may be a similar, but very different tact.

One should NEVER takerepparttar 108195 words ofrepparttar 108196 original author and make them their own!!! Nearly every article you read will contain a copyright notice. The copyright notice is legally binding, supported by federal law.

If you are writing your own articles but borrowing a few sentences from someone else, YOU ARE STEALING! Copyright violation is a criminal offense that can find you in court and defending your bank account!

Words that I write and put into a free-reprint article do carry clearly stated "terms of reprint". Let us review those real quick:

This is a Free-Reprint article. The only requirements for publishing this article are:

· You must leaverepparttar 108197 resource box unedited. · Minor editing torepparttar 108198 article is permitted. · You may not use this article in UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). · Email distribution of this article must be opt-in email only. · You must forward a copy ofrepparttar 108199 ezine or newsletter that containsrepparttar 108200 article inside torepparttar 108201 author at: · If you post this article on a website, you must setrepparttar 108202 links up as hyperlinks, and you must send us a copy of repparttar 108203 URL whererepparttar 108204 article is posted.

Where in these "terms of reprint" do I give permission to borrow a few sentences or paragraphs from one of my articles to formrepparttar 108205 basis of your article with your name inrepparttar 108206 resource box?

I have read these "terms of reprint" again, and I still do not seerepparttar 108207 permission to use my words in this way! What am I missing here?

Let us writers be aware, there are those inrepparttar 108208 our Internet writers community who deliberately disregard our "terms of reprint" to take our words as their own.

5 Reasons Why Headlines Are Crucial To Your Website’s Success

Written by Robert Boduch

5 Reasons Why Headlines Are Crucial To Your Website’s Success

Copyright © 2002 by Robert D. Boduch

Without a powerful headline, your message stands little chance of being noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If your headline doesn’t capture attention and pull prospects into your copy, than your marketing effort is a total waste of energy and resources.

Nothing is more important to getting your message noticed than your headlines. If you’re not allocating a sizable percentage of your time and creative effort torepparttar headline used on each page of your website, you could be losing out on a large chunk of business.

Top copywriters understand this concept well. They know how essential it is to capture attention by literally stopping pre-occupied prospects in their tracks.

Following are five good reasons why your site headlines deserve greater emphasis and attention.

1) Headlines Are Natural Attention Getters. Most online prospects quickly skim web copy looking for a reason to stay or a reason to go. No one readsrepparttar 108184 body copy of a page without first being pulled in by a strong lead, delivered by a compelling headline or sub-heading.

Headlines arerepparttar 108185 first things your visitors see. They jump right out visually and command attention by being set distinctly aboverepparttar 108186 rest ofrepparttar 108187 text. Oftenrepparttar 108188 typeface, size, and style used for headlines contrasts with that used inrepparttar 108189 body copy. This proven approach naturally attracts eyeballs, virtually forcing interested prospects to grasprepparttar 108190 key message and to read on due to its magnetic appeal.

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, 5 times more people read headlines than body copy. Although Ogilvy was talking about print advertising in general,repparttar 108191 observation is certainly applicable to websites as well.

With 5 timesrepparttar 108192 readership, headlines haverepparttar 108193 power and capability to make any message much more successful.

2) Site Headlines Serve As Valuable Guides To Busy People. Headlines reveal key details. They tip off readers as to what follows. A strong headline provides clear signals to help readers decide whether they should stick around forrepparttar 108194 full message, or dash off to something else – something better suited to their own special needs and interests.

As a summary ofrepparttar 108195 entire piece, headlines either help sustain continued interest and readership, or they repel it. Without a headline,repparttar 108196 reader is forced to wade through a portion ofrepparttar 108197 text to understandrepparttar 108198 meaning and relevance. Forcing readers to do this is to risk losing them altogether. It’s sales suicide. In effect, having no headline will cost you at least 80% of your potential audience.

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