The Frames Debate

Written by Stefene Russell

Because I look atrepparttar world through frames (my glasses, that is) they've never bothered me that much onrepparttar 134632 web. They don't make me jump up and down for joy, mind you, but I've managed to cultivate enough patience to deal with them in most instances--as long as I'm not staring at twelve or fourteen panes on my screen.

There are those who say that frames are death to a site, and those who really like them; I guess most of us fall between those two extremes. In any case, I had quite a few people send me URLs for framed sites this week, so it seemed to be ripe for discussion. If your site uses frames, or you're thinking of using them, here arerepparttar 134633 pros and cons:


--If you want to present a large chunk of copy and still keep your sidebar navigation inrepparttar 134634 user's sight, frames will solve this problem for you.

--You can keep other important scraps of information visible…things like a link to your order form, and your logo.

--It can be a good workaround for certain sites with large amounts of eclectic information to present.


--Yikes! They confuserepparttar 134635 spiders. Though real spiders love real windowpanes, web spiders get very confused when confronted with frames. They just can't findrepparttar 134636 pages, because everything is fractured up into separate windows. If you have an e-commerce site, you might want to think twice about frames, because you'll lose customers who are searching for your product online.

Will They Come Back?

Written by Terri Seymour

When you build a website, you of course, want people to come to your site. But not only do you want them to visit, you want them to come back, and often!

Most people will not come back unless they have a good reason. This is what you must have on your mind when you are designing and building your website. When you visit a site, take note of what that site has that would make you come back for another visit. Use some of these ideas on your website, but put your own unique style into it.

On your homepage introduce yourself and talk to your visitors. Explain what your site is about and what it can do for them. Put a little personality into your site. That is what will make it unique.

Some things you can incorporate into your website to keep people coming back are:

*Quality Content - A must if you want people to come back to your site. Rather than just showing your products, offer useful, practical information for usingrepparttar products. If you have a site where you sell cleaning products, provide tips and ideas on how and where to use your products and also tips on other aspects of cleaning and maintaining your home.

*Freebies - There are many places you can get freebies such as ebooks, downloads, e-cards, webmaster resources, and more. Choose freebies that relate to your site content. For example, if you have a business resource site you want to provide freebies that will help people with their business. Sites for freebies:

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