The Four Work Stresses of Christmas

Written by Martin Avis

It is December 14th, butrepparttar plants in my garden would hardly let you believe it. Geraniums are still in flower, roses are still blooming and my magnolia tree has yet to lose a single leaf. London may be basking in peculiarly unseasonal weather, but Christmas is nearly upon us.

'At Christmas I no more desire a rose Than wish a snow in May's newfangled mirth; But like of each thing that in season grows.' > Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), Love's Labour Lost

Christmas - that time of over-indulgence, added anxiety and sheer stress. Bah, humbug!

Actually, I love Christmas. Butrepparttar 102048 reality for so many people at work is that hidden beneathrepparttar 102049 surface of jollity and bonhomie is that it is potentiallyrepparttar 102050 most difficult time of year.

The four work stresses of Christmas.

1. Christmas has become a giant milestone inrepparttar 102051 year. This forces everyone into an artificial mindset that demands that everything be completed 'beforerepparttar 102052 holiday.' As a result,repparttar 102053 weeks before Christmas are an absolute nightmare for many people. People who are already overworked are forced to pull extra hours to get work completed. Yet often, a moments thought by those demandingrepparttar 102054 completion of jobs would show that nothing bad will happen if they are held over until early January.

If you are a 'holiday hurrier', spare a thought for what is truly urgent and what is simply being hurried because it is Christmas.

2. The social whirl. Just because it is Christmas, everybody has to get on. And on, and on. Festive parties seem to start as soon asrepparttar 102055 shops start displaying tinsel - and that can be as early as September where I live! If you are prone to suffer from stress - as so many of us are these days - endless eating and drinking in smokey atmospheres (even if you don't smoke yourself) is just going to make things worse. Not only are you lowering your bodies resistance, but you are also severely limiting your ability to keep on top ofrepparttar 102056 heightened workload.

Don't be a killjoy, but equally, don't party yourself intorepparttar 102057 floor.

Do You Practice Active Decision Making?

Written by Martin Avis

Many years ago when I was young and callow, I received an invitation to attend a 'Decision-Makers' conference. Trouble was, I couldn't make up my mind whether to go or not. I didn't.

Asrepparttar French proverb says, "Between two stools, you sit onrepparttar 102047 floor."

Like a great many people before and after me, I had to learnrepparttar 102048 hard way to actively take control of my life. Prevarication is a poor master, but one that will rule you with a rod of iron if you don't chose to stop it.

Banish from your mind and your vocabularyrepparttar 102049 words, 'I'll think about it.' You won't. Something else will take your eye and divert your attention. Unless you make a positive decision to do or not to do, right now, you are very unlikely to revisit.

Nobody ever became a success by hesitating. Success comes to those who jump in and have a go.

I am not by any means suggesting that you should embrace every hare-brained scheme or half-baked idea that you come across. Far from it. What I am saying is that you must developrepparttar 102050 skill to actively decide what to do in any given situation and not leaverepparttar 102051 result to chance.

For example, I get about 200 emails a day. Whenever I go to my inbox I have to make quick choices about allrepparttar 102052 emails waiting to get my attention:

Send it straight to trash Save it in a pending file Read it immediately Forward it to someone else Act on its contents

There may be other choices, butrepparttar 102053 point is made. If I don't actively decide between these options I would very quickly get an inbox so full that I would never getrepparttar 102054 chance to act on any of them.

Life and business is very much like that. In this twenty-first century we live in, only those who have masteredrepparttar 102055 art of 'keeping up' can survive and thrive. There is no room for procrastination.

Very oftenrepparttar 102056 only decision you need to make is whether to act or not. Once you have made that positive commitment to yourself,repparttar 102057 'putting into action' part ofrepparttar 102058 equation follows naturally.

Don't over analyze.

Often,repparttar 102059 biggest hurdle to cross in reaching a decision one way orrepparttar 102060 other isrepparttar 102061 fear that you haven't considered allrepparttar 102062 options. Forget it! Unless you are being forced to decide something completely outside your field of experience you already have allrepparttar 102063 information you need. Your brain has spent years sucking in data from all overrepparttar 102064 place. Let that incredibly complex computer weighrepparttar 102065 options for you inrepparttar 102066 background. Your subconscious moves much faster than your conscious thought processes.

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