The Four Elements of Magickal Powers

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Each week we receive many emails from people wanting to know about magickal powers such as clairvoyance, levitation, telekinesis and telepathy. They want to know whether this kind of magick is real and, more importantly, how to do it!

Since itís become such a popular topic, inspired by movies like Harry Potter and shows like Charmed, we thought it might to time to shed some light on this topic. To answerrepparttar first question, are such magickal powers and abilities real? In other words, is it possible to do these types of things in this world at this time? The answer is yes! Absolutely. In fact, youíll find thatrepparttar 122339 masters of many different traditions, such as Aikido or Buddhism, can and do levitate. There are also many popular clairvoyants and telepaths, such asrepparttar 122340 well-known medical intuitive Louise Hay. And, many Tai Chi masters have telekinetic abilities (meaning they can move objects without touching them).

The second question, of course, is how you can develop these abilities for yourself. There are, of course, many paths to mastering these abilities. Atrepparttar 122341 foundation of all these paths, though, is an understanding ofrepparttar 122342 four elements of magick: air, fire, water and earth. One ofrepparttar 122343 basic tenets of magickal studies is that everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of these four elements, and if you understand and know how to work with these elements, you can understand (and create) anything you desire.

Thatís why four element magick isrepparttar 122344 first area of study for our apprentices Ė it is atrepparttar 122345 heart of everything inrepparttar 122346 Universe, including magickal powers and abilities. For instance, you can develop clairvoyance and telepathy, which is access to knowledge not available torepparttar 122347 five senses, by developing and working with your water element. Water, beingrepparttar 122348 language of Spirit, allows you to access almost any information (or emotions) at a Spiritual level. Another ability, levitation, isrepparttar 122349 result of increasing your air element and decreasing your earth element. And telekinesis isrepparttar 122350 ability to channel your fire energy toward a specific object. For instance, we teach our students to begin using their telekinetic ability by throwing firebolts at a candle flame. They know they have begun to develop that ability when they can makerepparttar 122351 flame jump and split by pointing their finger at it.

A Fine LIne Between Heaven, Hell and Astrology - Angelic Governors of the Zodiac

Written by Lady Camelot

A Fine Line between Heaven, Hell and Astrology - Angelic Governors ofrepparttar Zodiac by Lady Camelot

Have you ever wondered which Angel governs your sign? And did you know that all Angels are not exlusively deriven from Heaven? With regards to your personality, each of these entities play a role in your individuality.

{Rf. from "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson}

The Angel, Machidiel, (meaning "fullness of God"), governsrepparttar 122338 month of March and is alsorepparttar 122339 ruler of Aries.

Asmodel,repparttar 122340 Angel of April, rulesrepparttar 122341 Zodiacal sign of Taurus. He is widely known asrepparttar 122342 "demon of punishment."

May's Angel, Ambriel governs Gemini and isrepparttar 122343 chief officer ofrepparttar 122344 12th hour of night. On an Oriental, Hebrew charm, Ambriel's name is inscribed to ward off evil.

Then we have Muriel,repparttar 122345 Angel of June andrepparttar 122346 ruler of Cancer. Muriel is interesting in that not only is herepparttar 122347 chief officer ofrepparttar 122348 3rd hour ofrepparttar 122349 day but if "invoked" fromrepparttar 122350 South is believed to procure a magic carpet.

The Angel of July, Verchiel, ruler of Leo. Not only is Verchiel one ofrepparttar 122351 rulers ofrepparttar 122352 order of powers, but he also governsrepparttar 122353 Sun.

Hamaliel, Angel of August, a ruler of Virgo is also one ofrepparttar 122354 rulers ofrepparttar 122355 "orders of virtue."

Libra's ruler, Uriel, (translating "Fire of God"), governor of September, is also known asrepparttar 122356 Archangel of salvation and is renowned globally fromrepparttar 122357 infamous painting - Dryden's "The State of Innocence," depicted descending from heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses. He is also likened to divine vengeance and Justice ~ thusrepparttar 122358 "scales of Libra."

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