The Formulas Freelance Copywriters Employ When Creating Web Content

Written by Angelique van Engelen

What is it exactly that copywriters DO when they produce new text for a site makeover? You often seerepparttar advertisements; a designer is looking for a freelance web writer who is going to create content around a number of keywords. There’s not a lot more information aboutrepparttar 108002 process. What arerepparttar 108003 tricks ofrepparttar 108004 trade and how do you get value for money when hiring a freelance writer?

When you discuss a site makeover with a copywriter, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Any writer needs to knowrepparttar 108005 answers to at least these questions before he can meaningfully go to town on your content;

What isrepparttar 108006 site’s line of business?

Who is targeted?

How doesrepparttar 108007 client want their web content to reflect their goals?

What isrepparttar 108008 number of pages ofrepparttar 108009 site?

What isrepparttar 108010 site’s current conversion ratio?

What have site owners done inrepparttar 108011 past to change this?

What arerepparttar 108012 conversion ratio targets?

Isrepparttar 108013 corporate identity still in tact?

What isrepparttar 108014 identity now and what arerepparttar 108015 reasons forrepparttar 108016 change?

Most copywriters have their own style in creating creative text. But note that not every copywriter is necessarily a website copy writer. Everybody goes about content some way or another, but generally people tend to focus on a number of aspects that are wider than merely writing some text and mentioning a number of keywords.

I have developed this strategy for writing successful content for my clients; I will sit down and spell out what I callrepparttar 108017 ’vital communication factors’ of a website. The main points of sale of a business website. Orrepparttar 108018 general idea behind a general interest website. Orrepparttar 108019 philosophy, reason for being of an entity other than a business, general interest.

It is around these vital factors, that I will begin to createrepparttar 108020 skeleton of links and click throughs, orrepparttar 108021 navigational path. Weavingrepparttar 108022 text intorepparttar 108023 navigation isrepparttar 108024 next stage. I tend to assign some weightings to allrepparttar 108025 internal hyperlinks, which mirror their importance torepparttar 108026 website’s vital points before I writerepparttar 108027 text.

Writing To Overpower Your Competition

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2005

"We don't have any competition. We're a truly a one-of-a-kind company." I've heard that line from clients for years. I wish it were true, but it's simply not. In fact, it wouldn’t matter if you held a monopoly on your particular product or service; you'd still have competition. How? Because your competition doesn't come from a singular source.

There may be no other businesses that sellrepparttar product or service you sell, but you still have competition. Once that's understood you have a greater advantage when it comes to copywriting. You can recognizerepparttar 108001 other options your customers have before them and can position yourself asrepparttar 108002 only logical choice.

Know Who Your Competition Is

Competition comes from a variety of sources. Yes, there are those who sellrepparttar 108003 same things you sell, but there competition comes in other forms, too.

The Same But Different

Charitable organizations are a good example of "same but different." Your group may berepparttar 108004 only one raising funds to saverepparttar 108005 purple spotted toad of northern Antarctica but that doesn't mean you'll receive a flood of contributions from everyone you call. Why? Because there are a million and a half other charitable organizations out there all vying forrepparttar 108006 same money fromrepparttar 108007 same people.

None of these other groups is trying to raise funds to saverepparttar 108008 purple spotted toad of northern Antarctica, but they are trying to get individuals to donate to their causes. That makes them all your competition.

How do you get around this problem? Assuming your traffic generating efforts or your mailing list is highly targeted, you'll want to make a strong case for this little toad. In your copy, letrepparttar 108009 readers know whyrepparttar 108010 purple spotted toad is important torepparttar 108011 environment (he'srepparttar 108012 only toad in existence that carries antibodies that can cure cancer). Tell them whyrepparttar 108013 world would be a much sadder place without our bouncing little friend. (In addition to beingrepparttar 108014 only purple toad inrepparttar 108015 world, this guy isrepparttar 108016 only foodrepparttar 108017 frosty wilder beast will eat so he's vital torepparttar 108018 food chain).

Just like with any other type of copywriting, listrepparttar 108019 benefits ofrepparttar 108020 purple spotted toad. Why is he important to nature, how willrepparttar 108021 ecology suffer with his demise and what will happen torepparttar 108022 rest of Antarctica if he becomes extinct? All of these are vital to convincing your audience that they should favor you with their contributions instead of some other organization.

Everyone Inrepparttar 108023 Search Results

Go to your favorite search engine and type in "copywriting course" (withoutrepparttar 108024 quotes). What do you see? There are a lot of options listed onrepparttar 108025 search results page. Are all these productsrepparttar 108026 same? By all means no!

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