The Forgotten Advertising Tip

Written by Kara Kelso

I'm sure while you have seen many tips on advertising, many that talk about testing and tracking your ads, I'm sure that this one important tip is rarely mentioned: Running more than one ad at a time isn'trepparttar greatest idea.

While it seems like a good idea to spend your monthly advertising budget all at once atrepparttar 139637 first ofrepparttar 139638 month, is it really gaining yourepparttar 139639 best exposure? Even if you are running ads on various websites and networks, there is a pretty good chance many of those that see your ad on one site are going to see them on another.

Rather than having several ads running atrepparttar 139640 same time, try to space out your ads a bit and run only one at a time. Why? Well think of it this way. Say a visitor seeing your ad on one site and thinking "interesting, I may have to buy something later". Later that same day if they are on another website I'm sure they'll think "there it is again, but I'll buy later".

Now think if you would have waited a week or two before advertising at that second site in which this visitor comes to daily, and then seeing it saying "oh wow that site! I forgot I was going to buy there last week, so I'd better do it now".

Reciprocal linking

Written by Kevin Davies

Ideally you don't want to be inrepparttar position of having to email other webmasters asking if they're interested in reciprocal links. You want your website to be such that people will want to link to it, whether it be because of a cool feature, generous affiliate program, whatever. The problem is unless you have at least some sites linking to you you're not going to get noticed.

In short, if you have a fairly new website you're going to have to email other webmasters and ask if they're interested in reciprocal linking. So how to you go about finding suitable websites?

Here's one ofrepparttar 139615 methods I use:

Let's say I created a website about killer whales. The first thing I do is a google search on killer whales.

Next I takerepparttar 139616 first website that's listed and do a google search on it's url. So ifrepparttar 139617 first website's url is "" I would copy and paste that url intorepparttar 139618 google search box.

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