The Five Worst Date Places

Written by Jason OConnor

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The Five Worst Date Places Jason OConnor ©2004

Food in teeth, nausea, childhood stories and exposing your pot belly are all things you ought to avoid on first or second dates. You runrepparttar 132294 risk of experiencing these and other humiliating incidents if you chooserepparttar 132295 wrong place to bring your date. Good places are memorable, different, unique, cost-effective, and relevant to both of you in some way. Bad date places have none of these qualities andrepparttar 132296 worst places not only lack these things, but also embarrass you and assure that youíll never get another date withrepparttar 132297 person again.

Letís look atrepparttar 132298 function of a date. If youíre single, a date acts like an interview. Your goal is to getrepparttar 132299 other person to still like you enough whenrepparttar 132300 date is over to go out with you again, assuming youíre still interested as well. Youíre trying to appear cool, sexy, together, confident, and fun. Youíre also trying to makerepparttar 132301 other person as comfortable as possible.

Thatís why avoidingrepparttar 132302 worst places isrepparttar 132303 first step in smart dating. The following listsrepparttar 132304 worst places you could choose to go on a date and I recommend that you avoid them likerepparttar 132305 plague if you wantrepparttar 132306 other person to still like you when itís over.

An Amusement Park Asrepparttar 132307 roller coaster nears its pinnacle your date looks overrepparttar 132308 side and silently swears under her breath at you for talking her into going on this ride. She hates roller coasters, has always been afraid of them, and is highly susceptible to motion sickness. As she contemplates her strategy to avoid you inrepparttar 132309 future,repparttar 132310 coaster starts its stomach-turning decent, and she leans over and throws up in your lap, her way of saying ďThanks forrepparttar 132311 great dateĒ.

Amusement parks are a funky phenomenon. Youíll often find overgrown stuffed animals running around trying to high-five you, screaming children, long lines, and overpriced food. Unless your date is an amusement park buff, itís unlikely he or she is going to loverepparttar 132312 idea.

The Beach Donít get me wrong,repparttar 132313 beach is a great place. But fromrepparttar 132314 point of view of a date with a near stranger, it stinks. First, thereís an awful lot of sand and it can get everywhere. You canít easily eat onrepparttar 132315 beach; a lack of furniture contributes to that. With sand and bugs-o-plenty, eating ends up being a drag.

But probablyrepparttar 132316 worst thing aboutrepparttar 132317 beach is that youíre compelled to take off most of your clothes. Now, if you both have hot bodies, well-groomed with flat stomachs and great muscle tone, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you donít, stay away from places that make you feel silly if you want to keep all your imperfection-hiding clothes on.

A Non-Traditional Restaurant One time I took a date to a Japanese restaurant where they made everyone take off their shoes upon entering. There were no chairs, just floor-level tables that everyone sat around on little pillows. It didnít seem like it was going to be too bad until I started to smell my feet while eating our salads. The noxious odor must have been escaping fromrepparttar 132318 various holes in my ratty socks. The whole night was humiliatingly awkward.

Feng Shui Your Love Pad

Written by Advice Diva

What began centuries ago in China as a way of interpretingrepparttar natural world to create more efficient agricultural systems and even study astronomy to understandrepparttar 132288 passage of time is an age old institution named Feng Shui. Throughrepparttar 132289 ages feng shui (pronounced Fung Shway) has evolved due to superstition and folklore into a belief system with five distinct components: Wealth, Health, Fame, Career and Love. By understandrepparttar 132290 basics, we can control these areas of our lives by choosing meaningful symbols and images which are related to these areas and placing these objects in very specific areas ofrepparttar 132291 house. The key principal here is that everything is connected energetically which means that your thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced by your surroundings. Feng Shui masters have got this down to an art form. There are so many details and specifics of feng shui that I would highly recommend getting a book on it for your own knowledge and because it is so fascinating. What is interesting enough is that I found it to be very similar torepparttar 132292 Wicca beliefs that are practiced inrepparttar 132293 west. There are many people who swear byrepparttar 132294 benefits of Feng Shui inrepparttar 132295 home. Letís get down torepparttar 132296 fun part. You can Feng Shui your house for love. Turn that pad intorepparttar 132297 love shack to attract love, keep love going strong and keeprepparttar 132298 sex drive on high gear inrepparttar 132299 bedroom. What you want to do here is create good chi (good energy) and get rid of any sha chi (harmful energy). The area of your house that represents your love life isrepparttar 132300 southwest corner of your home. According torepparttar 132301 experts, if this corner has good chi,repparttar 132302 marriage or love aspirations ofrepparttar 132303 home dwellers will be positively energized but if it has bad chi, letís just say that you wonít be getting any for a while; and that is putting it nicely according to these experts. The element that represents love is Earth and so putting a rock, crystal or boulder inrepparttar 132304 southwest

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