The Five Cís To Building A Career You Will Love

Written by Dave Lindbeck

If you have clarity about what you want and need in your life, you are more likely to get it. This is as true for your career as it is for other things in your life. However, most people spend more time researching and evaluating a car purchase, than they do on that very important thing in life - a career.

When it comes to your "life's work," you can significantly increaserepparttar odds of building a career you will love by taking a few simple factors into account. These include being clear about what you want to do, where and with whom you want to do it, and what you want to get out of it as well as what you are willing to give up in return. However, this is notrepparttar 141992 way most people approach their career.

Unfortunately, many of us don't plan our careers, we just take jobs. And even when we do some planning, we base our decision on only one or two factors, when there are other equally important things to consider.

When asked about your particular job and career choice, it's likely that you respond with one or two of these statements:

- "It's a great place to work" (culture) - "The guy I'll be working for seems really nice"(command) - "The people are fun" (comrades) - "The pay is really good" (compensation) - "I'll get to do what I want" (contribution)

The problem is, just one or two of these criteria are typically not enough to keep us excited about our choice, and soon we find ourselves not enjoying our work. This is because, although we loverepparttar 141993 pay, our boss is a jerk, or weíre not getting to dorepparttar 141994 tasks we enjoy, or something else we overlooked, is now an issue.

You can avoid this problem by getting clear aboutrepparttar 141995 5 C's of your career fromrepparttar 141996 beginning. It's important to know what matters to you. Here are some questions to consider:

Ten Hottest Careers

Written by Alexandria Haber

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you are still trying to figure out which career path you want to follow, examinerepparttar following list of occupations currently consideredrepparttar 141963 ten hottest careers:

1. Elementary school teachers 2. Accountants and auditors 3. Computer systems analysts 4. Secondary school teachers 5. Computer software engineers 6. Special education teachers 7. Computer programmers 8. Network and computer systems administrators 9. Preschool teachers 10. Dental hygienists

These ten hot careers are expected to haverepparttar 141964 highest demand for new recruits overrepparttar 141965 next eight years.

Born to teach?

If you love meeting new people and enjoy interacting with a wide range of personalities, teaching may berepparttar 141966 right career choice for you. Four ofrepparttar 141967 ten hottest careers are inrepparttar 141968 teaching profession. It doesnít matter if you prefer to work with younger or older students because teachers are needed in every age range and category. If you love a challenge, consider working with special needs children or adults and become a special education teacher. Special education teachers are in very high demand and are one ofrepparttar 141969 top five career choices available out ofrepparttar 141970 ten hottest careers.

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