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Written by Bernard Scala

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How To Defend Against A Knife - Don't Use The Stuff Taught In The Dojo!

Written by Paul Swift

Defences against Knife attacks, Firstly if at all possible get yourself and anyone else out ofrepparttar potential danger area.....RUN AWAY.

Yes you heard right, run away. This is not a cowards way out, this is sensible. After all your potential assailant could be on drugs or just plain crazy. Nobody needs a dead hero.

However if you can't get away or you are cornered, try to talk your way out ofrepparttar 145193 situation, tellrepparttar 145194 guy what he wants to hear or give him what he wants, if it's a mugging, but only if you think this will pacify him...

Let me explain. If it is apparent that your assailant is going to stab you whether you give him all your money or not then you must do something aboutrepparttar 145195 situation before this happens, either way you may get stabbed. Thats why this is a last resort and only attempted if YOU are certain he is going to attack you no matter what.

It's a judgement call that only you can make and if you ever do end up in that situation it won't be easy.

So, you're in that nightmare situation. How do you tackle him ?

Do you userepparttar 145196 knife defences you learned in your martial arts classes ? I hope not because you'll very soon be bleeding to death if your assailant has any idea how to userepparttar 145197 knife.

I tried an experiment about 5 years ago now with my training partner who is very fast with his hands and can handle a knife. We used a dummy knife (Thankfully) with some red ink onrepparttar 145198 end of it and I wore a white Gi.

I had at this time been training inrepparttar 145199 martial arts for about 16 years and had learned many many knife defences from many different styles so I was sure that whatever he came at me with I would be able to handle it.

He movedrepparttar 145200 knife very quickly from hand to hand and attacked from a variety of angles, slashing, lunging and really going for it. I successfully disarmed him several times, but each time he had also stabbed me several times (This is whyrepparttar 145201 Police and Prison service use riot shields and several officers when dealing with knife attackers).

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