The First Words Out Of Your Mouth

Written by Jenean Matthews

The First Words Out of Your Mouth. By Jenean Matthews Copyright 2001

Advertising is such an important part of a business. If you don't getrepparttar word out about what you're offering you won't make money. There's plenty of opportunity to advertise on and offline line. When you meet someone in person you haverepparttar 101099 opportunity to speak with him or her verbally. The first words out of you mouth are very important. When you advertiserepparttar 101100 words in your ad are similar torepparttar 101101 first words out your mouth. Make them important.

How many ads have you seen in your lifetime? Some were very effective and may have even caused you to get more information or make a purchase. I guarantee you those types of ads aren't thrown together in a matter of seconds and put out there forrepparttar 101102 world to see.

It's important to spend time writing effective ads. You want repparttar 101103 readers to visit your site to get more information and eventually make a purchase. Next time you read an ezine or see advertisements don't by-pass readingrepparttar 101104 ads. You may think that you're not interested in other opportunities so you will skiprepparttar 101105 classified ads, but you're missing out on a learning experience. Readrepparttar 101106 ads and note how they make you feel. Are they good, effective ads? Why? Are they lousy ads? Why?

What makes a good, effective ad? If you can answer this question, you've just increasedrepparttar 101107 visits to you site. When using classified ads you have a limited time to get someone to view your site. That'srepparttar 101108 primary purpose.

Don't make obvious mistakes when writing your ad. @ Don't try to sell you offer in your ad. Think about this, would you walk up to a stranger and ask them to give you $20. The purpose ofrepparttar 101109 ad is to getrepparttar 101110 click.

@ Don't use unrealistic hype. Can you really believe you're going to make $1,000,000 next week? (If you do I have some land in Florida for you.;-))

@ Don't be so vague. Some ads don't give you a clue of what repparttar 101111 offer is about. Your asking someone to spend valuable time viewing your site at least give him or her a preview.

Listed below are ten things to consider and ask yourself when writing a good, effective ad, or reading ads for a learning experience. I've used some ofrepparttar 101112 ads from previous issues of my ezine, The Primary Spot (, as a demonstration.

1. IS IT BELIEVABLE? Can you really get guaranteed visitors, do you need them, and do you at least want to find out more details?

GUARANTEED VISITORS TO YOU WEB SITE! IT'S FREE! Each visitor will view your site for at least 30 seconds. That's enough time to create an interest, bookmark your site or open it up in another window to review at a later time. Get your site seen!

2. WHAT ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OFFER? Before you accept a new job one ofrepparttar 101113 first things you want to know is what arerepparttar 101114 benefits. Are training and support good benefits?

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3. WHAT IS IT? There's no guessing here.

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Your Ads: If They Ain't Broke Dont Fix-Em

Written by Robert Wardrick

The talk in online business circles is "Marketing with Classified Ads."

I for one try not to re-inventrepparttar wheel, but rather learn fromrepparttar 101098 experiences of others.

--First Things First--

Creating and Implementing Ads

One ofrepparttar 101099 best ways to write effective "Ad Copy" is to read ads by competitors. What is it that grabs your attention:

- The Headline?

- The Body?

- The Closing P.S. Etc?

Does your Headline convey benefits? * Improve health

* Increase profits * More leisure time

Does your Body copy speak to your niche target?

+ Men? Women? Teens?

Does your Closing call-for-action?

^ Limited Time Offer ^ % Discount ^ Order Today!

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