The First Pagoda

Written by Maxine Thompson

Copyright 2005 Black Butterfly Press

(Dedicated torepparttar Memory of My Father, Mervin Vann)

"Impossibilities are merely things of which we have not learned, or which we do not wish to happen." -- Charles W. Chesnutt, American Writer

In 1998, when my father was seventy-eight, he flew for eighteen hours to visit my younger sister Sonya who lived in Japan.

Atrepparttar 147196 time, I remember thinking that he was too old. What had gotten into Daddy? My mother had been dead for about five years and, unlike my six siblings’ and my dire predictions that he wouldn’t live one year without her, he was appearing to have a new lease on life. Our father had become this bossa-nova-ing, cavorting world traveler. Although he still had crippling arthritis, he got around, hobbling, limping, but still moving.

He stayed in Japan for two months and came back a changed man. He even wrote us letters, which was a first for him, because he was not a letter writer. (He always counted on my mother to writerepparttar 147197 letters to us.)

Well, like that old saying goes, “Until you walk in my shoes, you can’t sing my blues.

Now, as a grandmother of five, I just returned from a nine-day trip to Beijing, China. I went with a group of 40 business persons from different minorities.We also visited Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou all modern, progressive cities inrepparttar 147198 south of China. For a modest price,repparttar 147199 trip included round-trip air tickets, local tour bus transportation, accommodations at 5 star hotels, meals throughoutrepparttar 147200 trip, business matching, factory touring and networking during governmental banquets.

I even climbedrepparttar 147201 famous Great Wall of China. Although I only made it torepparttar 147202 first Pagoda, I saw that as being symbolic ofrepparttar 147203 steps I’ve had to take to go from being an employee to being a business owner to now being an International Trade Business person.

For others who would like to try new things, I say, "Go for it." I have a saying, “The last time I checked, you’re going to be dead a long time, so why keep putting off what you want to do? (This includes writing a book, if that's your desire.)

I speak from experience. Inrepparttar 147204 past, with my writer’s overactive imagination, I envisioned all types of future disasters that never happened. This kept me from enjoying life fully, but now I find, as I get older, I am throwing my caution torepparttar 147205 wind and going forrepparttar 147206 gusto of life—whatever it has to offer. I can’t recount how many things I held back on while I raised three children. (I only flew once every other year because if there was a plane crash who would raiserepparttar 147207 children and other such foolishness I concocted) At any rate, now everyone is grown and asrepparttar 147208 young folks say, “It’s on.”

I want to taste all that is good and different about life. I want to come outside my backyard and experiencerepparttar 147209 world. I want to see things from a new perspective. For example, I have now eaten bird’s nest soup, learned a few words in Chinese, and learned how to haggle with street vendors over nice gifts such as real pearls. Needless to say, I hadrepparttar 147210 time of my life.

The Benefits Of A Home Based Business

Written by Mike Law

Copyright 2005 Mike Law

Taking advantage of a home-based business opportunity can afford you many benefits. There are not onlyrepparttar monetary benefits, but lifestyle benefits as well. Whether lifestyle or monetary, these benefits can be far greater thanrepparttar 147195 benefits you receive working for an employer. If you are already working in your own home-based business or just entertainingrepparttar 147196 idea, be sure to evaluate your options and considerrepparttar 147197 value ofrepparttar 147198 benefits you will receive. Home-based business opportunities can provide you with independence and financial freedom if you make smart decisions.

It is not always money that motivates people to start a home-based business. Sometimesrepparttar 147199 intangible benefits are more important factors when considering home-based business opportunities. One ofrepparttar 147200 more powerful draws to working from home isrepparttar 147201 sense of freedom you gain. You can set your own schedule, workrepparttar 147202 hours that are most convenient for you, and have time available for family obligations and leisure activities. Parents with children in school often think about what home-based business opportunities may be available to them. Teacher conferences, after school activities andrepparttar 147203 ability to be home whenrepparttar 147204 children are out of school are strong motivators in makingrepparttar 147205 decision to start a home-based business. Working from home gives yourepparttar 147206 benefit of flexible hours andrepparttar 147207 freedom to adjust your schedule according torepparttar 147208 needs of your family.

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