The First Leaf of Life

Written by Alma De La Cruz

Talking with a friend of mine while we were on our weekend shopping trips at a local herbarium and flower shop, we reminisced aboutrepparttar good times when plants and flowers were used to express good things such as love attraction. My female colleagues and I innocently responded torepparttar 140939 flirting with blushed faces and cute smiles. I’m sorry to state a cliché but… Oh Lord, how I miss those good old times!

My friend’s mom used to sprinkle small leaves and pour plant baskets aroundrepparttar 140940 apartment to blessrepparttar 140941 life of her family. Today, I’ve also seen beautiful herbal blessing bottles for those of you who would decide to buy all ready made rather than do it by your own. Some of them have a tag explaining any ofrepparttar 140942 following intentions: Devotion, everlasting love, appreciation, or joy and happiness. My friend keeps up withrepparttar 140943 tradition of recreatingrepparttar 140944 free-spirited and green nature insiderepparttar 140945 four blocks of her walls. For her, as for many women, it expresses one’s spiritual visions and feelings, and it is also a wonderful reminder of one's dreams.

More than looking and smelling at flowers and plants, try to connect your spiritual self with them. They have life, although very short, but very powerful. In case that you are ignorant of their existence, I am placing some plants and flowers names related with love, because as a popular saying goes, “love is all we need!”. So spreadit!

Aloe: Helps bring you a new lover.

Asphodel: Attracts new love.

Balm of Gilead: Good for new love when placed in red wine.

Beth Root: Brings money, love, and luck.

Betony Wood: Good for advances, purification, protection, love.

Blood Root: Love, protection, and purification.

Caraway: Passion.

Catnip: Cat magic, love, beauty, and happiness.

Cayenne: Fidelity, hex breaking, and love.

Chickweed: Fidelity, and love.

Forty Something

Written by Jackie Rouse


Yes, I am forty something, forty-four to be exact and loving it. There will be no botox injections, implants or liposuction for me. I will be just fine with what God gave me, enhanced by living and eating right, with a little exercise onrepparttar side. That is not to say that I won’t make a pit stop at Baskin Robbins orrepparttar 140912 frozen food section atrepparttar 140913 grocery store to take Mrs. Pillsbury and her chocolate chip, slice and bake cookies home every now and then. Or that I won’t arrange an occasional sleep over with my favorite beau, or more accurately put, my only beau. (My daughters may be reading.)

What I have learned in my pre-menopausal years is moderation, moderation, everything in moderation. Of course, some things should not be done at all. For example eating a half a gallon of ice cream in one feeding, or lusting afterrepparttar 140914 22 year-old cable guy, but that’s a whole other article.

Recently I went to my family reunion and after eating just a tad too much, I decided to joinrepparttar 140915 youngsters in jumping rope, single and double-dutch. I jumped like I was 14, okay 18 again. My youngest sister Detra was in awe and I loved it. Unfortunately, my ankles are still recuperating from that blast fromrepparttar 140916 past. Oh well, there will be no stilettos for me for a while.

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