The Finer Points of Poverty

Written by Timothy Ward

I'm poor. And I'm not ashamed of it. Actually, I'm kind of proud of myself for being poor. It's an accomplishment that many people will never attain. Some people will go through their whole life and never know what it's like to experience some ofrepparttar finer points of poverty like eating ramon noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 days a week. My heart goes out to these types of people. The Fourtunate Ones. People who've always had electricity, nice cars, and proper clothing.

I wasn't always poor. I had to work hard at it. I had to quit several jobs without finding new ones. I had to spend 75% of my paycheck atrepparttar 134936 bar when I knew my bills would have easily taken 90%. I had to max out credit cards and never pay on them. I had to give money to females that I knew would never pay it back. And most importantly I had to move to a small town where $6.00 and hour is considered 'good money'.

I didn't know that I was putting myself in line for poverty while I was doing all these things. I just woke up one day and realized that I couldn't pay my car note because I only had 11 cents inrepparttar 134937 bank. And that's when it hit me: I'm POOR! It took me 25 long years but I finally nose-dived belowrepparttar 134938 poverty line. I was now inrepparttar 134939 same category asrepparttar 134940 homeless and welfare recipients. No more was I hindered by riches. I had shed that lifestyle. I got up and fixed myself a mayonaisse sandwich to celebrate. Delicious!

As a poor person I am entitled to certain privledges to whichrepparttar 134941 well-to-do won't every be privy. I decide haved to list a few:

- Instead of lugging around a wallet full of heavy dollar bills I now pay for important purchases like gasoline and food with spare change that I scavenge up aroundrepparttar 134942


Written by Dave Bealer

Every day, thousands and thousands of people venture out intorepparttar complicated world of online business. The vast majority of these people are joining affiliate programs, MLMs, or trying to market information products. These can make great businesses, but if you really want to stand out, maybe you should try something that gives people a unique, fun, and always appreciated gift: laughter.

People love people who make them laugh. We admire and remember people who can inspire a good chuckle or full-out belly laugh, because we associate them with smiles and good times. Our minds tend to hold onto specific quotes from movies, television, or books that we thought were especially funny, and we always remember where we heard them or who coinedrepparttar 118312 phrase. When someone makes us laugh, they leave a lasting, positive impression. If you want your name or your business to be remembered that way, making people laugh will get you there.

For example, just last weekend I was walking by a small shop that specialized in decorative and humorous doormats. Looking inrepparttar 118313 window, I saw one that caught my eye and tickled my funny bone. All it said, in plain lettering, was "Hi, I'm Mat." I laughed out loud, and even though I hadn't planned on making a purchase that day, I walked in and bought it. I'll remember that store, and every time I need a housewarming gift, I'll go back. It all boils down torepparttar 118314 simple fact that their merchandise made me laugh.

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