The Fifteen Secrets That Successful Women Know

Written by Dr. Gayla DeHart

Women are fabulous! They are resourceful, determined, complex, resilient, & compassionate. They are able to endure pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, heartbreak, husband-raising, beingrepparttar career women, and runningrepparttar 144936 household (housecleaning, bill paying, activities coordinator, sexy vixen, hostess, etc, etc.). Learn how successful women make it all happen, while looking, feeling and being fabulous.

Make more time for yourself. You need to invest time in yourself in order for you to be living your ‘best life.’ You need time to take care of yourself, time to rest, time to grow, and time forrepparttar 144937 other 14 things on this list!

Surround yourself with successful people who you admire. You have heardrepparttar 144938 saying “dress forrepparttar 144939 job you want, notrepparttar 144940 job you have.” This is a similar principle. Being around people you admire is like a crash course in how you want your life to be, and often these people will help you findrepparttar 144941 shortcut to your dream life.

Network. Positive networking means that you meet lots of new people every week and find out what YOU can do for THEM, and then, when possible, DO IT! (see The Frog and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking; Rezac, Thomson & Hallgren, 2003). This will widen your network and give you access to people and services that you may need somewhere downrepparttar 144942 line. People will know who you are, what you offer, and many will want to help you; too often you don't even have to ask.

Develop a strong social support system. Women get so busy that they can forget to call their friends, their family members, and their neighbors. But it is important to have people in your life that can be there for you when 'life happens' - when someone gets sick or is in an accident and you need emergency child care, a ride torepparttar 144943 hospital, a shoulder to cry on. In return, you are there for them in an emergency. But it is a lot easier to request these favours when you have been sustaining and maintainingrepparttar 144944 relationship, not when you have been neglecting them because you have been too busy.

Get rid of toxic people in your life. Many women do not like to let go of any relationship, even if it is bad. Either we are nurturers and we think we can fix it, or we are afraid of hurting someone's feelings. However, some relationships are not worthrepparttar 144945 effort. Do you know anyone that is critical of you (in a destructive, not a constructive way)? Do you have friends/family members who drain you every time you see or talk to them? Do you associate with people who discourage your quest for success? You've got to cut or at least loosen these ties. Ifrepparttar 144946 relationship is very important to you, letrepparttar 144947 person knowrepparttar 144948 effect that they are having on you. Perhaps these negative effects are oblivious, and they will change. But do not waste your precious time and energy on toxic people. You have too much growing to do!

Ask for help when necessary (and even when not). Ready to hear a secret? You DO NOT have to do it all. That's right. You don't have to be superwoman and be in 100 places at one time and run yourself ragged from sunrise until bedtime. Can you do everything yourself? Probably. Will you be happy doing it? Nope, I don't think so. Will you be taking good care of yourself? Will you be relaxed and happy when your family members get home from work or school? Will you look and feel your best? Heed this good advice that successful women know: Enlist A Team - a coach, a mentor, a massage therapist, a cleaning person, etc. And if you are taking care of parents - get help! Yes, you deserve your own team of "assistants" to help you with your life.

Spend time with girlfriends. Who has time, you ask yourself? Can you afford not to? Women need to talk to other women. We can talk to each other in a way that we cannot talk to our partners, our mothers, or our children. We all need friends that we can talk to about anything who know that we are just venting and know thatrepparttar 144949 information goes no further. We need to commiserate, to laugh, to talk about things that men don't think we enjoy talking about. We need a safe place to talk about our fat, our old lovers, our favorite new designers - a place where our audience is enraptured by these same topics. Not something you are always likely to get at home.

Freemasonry: Closeted Mental Illness?

Written by Jim D. Ray

Thousands belong to it. Hundreds of cities host it. But what isrepparttar secrecy surroundingrepparttar 144695 practice of Freemasonry, and is it safe for our communities?

Operating underrepparttar 144696 assertion of promoting "mutual assistance" between its members,repparttar 144697 Society of Free and Accepted Masons is a fraternal organization, comprised primarily of men from various walks of life. Criteria for membership includes belief in a supreme being, as well as "birth in freedom," or that outsiderepparttar 144698 bondage of slavery.

Many other fraternal organizations such as Moose, Elk, and Kiwanis have assembled a network of member-driven chapters throughoutrepparttar 144699 world, however none have generated criticism as that of Freemasonry. Multiple, profound incidents involving members ofrepparttar 144700 organization lead to a singular question: is Freemasonry a haven forrepparttar 144701 mentally ill?

In this article, we’ll explorerepparttar 144702 emotional payout behind participation in Freemasonry, and incidents that have led torepparttar 144703 perception of Freemasonry as a terrorist organization meant to obstructrepparttar 144704 legal system.

Masonic Psychology

Freemasonry is a ritual-based organization, meaning each activity, from closed meetings to new member induction, is a performance of specific actions with value assigned by its membership.

From a psychological perspective, individuals who feel compelled to participate in elitist ritualistic activities do so to affirm self worth. It is for this reason that Freemasonry attracts individuals who lack a sense of unconditional acceptance within mainstream society, identifiable byrepparttar 144705 desire to be "free" and "accepted" individuals within a private "society."

A group of individuals seeking affirmation of self value is likely to share other related emotional disorders, therefore resulting in, even if unintentionally, patterns of unhealthy behavior or actions that are accepted byrepparttar 144706 group.

Interaction with peers outside of traditional work and family environments can be an enriching, rewarding way to improve quality of life while promoting unity andrepparttar 144707 fulfillment of worthwhile community causes. Though Freemasonry’s marketed organizational construct conveys this,repparttar 144708 goals and objectives integrated into its following reflect an obscure secondary motive: to ensurerepparttar 144709 well-being of its members through mutual assistance. Providing a support network of mutual assistance to an emotionally deprived group of individuals seeking affirmation of value may berepparttar 144710 aspect of a seemingly typical fraternal organization that has associated Freemasonry with a spectrum of malicious activities including organized crime, pedophilia, and murder.

Those who engage in criminal activity do so for a myriad of reasons. Psychological fulfillment of a crime is generally defined byrepparttar 144711 previous experiences or emotional status ofrepparttar 144712 perpetrator. While not all criminals are considered mentally ill, many exhibit psychological traits or characteristics that may lend to a mindset more conducive to criminal behavior.

Relative to Freemasonry, traits such as self esteem issues and a desire to feel "understood" by similar individuals within a peer group may create and perpetuate an environment accepting of otherwise traditionally inappropriate behaviors. In seeking to "self medicate" through interaction with like-minded individuals,repparttar 144713 organization may actually be increasingrepparttar 144714 participants’ desire to engage in inappropriate behaviors deemed acceptable byrepparttar 144715 group.

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