The Fear of Death

Written by C R Hamilton

The Fear of Death

Death isrepparttar ultimate fear among most of society. Actually, it runs second to public speaking but staying realistic, if givenrepparttar 127038 choice, most would choose to speak before a crowd of two or three-thousand than die. The fear is a natural one because we were all cursed to die whenrepparttar 127039 man andrepparttar 127040 woman ate of tree ofrepparttar 127041 knowledge of good and evil inrepparttar 127042 Garden of Eden. Before that, life was eternal, and there is no telling how longrepparttar 127043 man and woman had lived beforerepparttar 127044 incident.

Nevertheless, once again we a have a chance at eternal life through God’s son Jesus Christ. Not many people realizerepparttar 127045 gift we have because it is incomprehensible torepparttar 127046 human mind, so unconsciously, death, which is more comprehensible, is an expectant part of life. So expectant that people takerepparttar 127047 notion of eternal life for granted; though, it is an option. One man, when asked if he could have anything on earth what would it be, he sarcastically answered, “to live forever.” Little did he know that eternal life it is a reality.

People fear death for a number of reasons, such as, not knowing what to expect afterward; fear a leaving behind a life so well lived and people they love, andrepparttar 127048 thought of not knowing in what way death will come, painlessly or not. To add to this fear,repparttar 127049 Bible introducedrepparttar 127050 concept of Hell, a place of torment and eternal suffering. For people who acknowledge Hell, fear increases. However, it seems that lately, in these last days, many have accepted Hell as a final resting place for their soul because they feel they are not worthy of Heaven. This notion is deceptive and dangerous to accept lightly.

Thank Hollywood for this deception. Because movie producers – or any one – has ever been to either after-place, Heaven or Hell, and returned to tell about it, they depict both places fromrepparttar 127051 depths of their own imaginations. The human mind cannot grasprepparttar 127052 depth of God nor can it accurately portray either afterworld. The going trend forrepparttar 127053 ambiance of Hell isrepparttar 127054 “Party Scene”, where there is one big party and allrepparttar 127055 bad people ofrepparttar 127056 world act out their most evil and lustful fantasies without punishment. Because there would be no God in Hell, people feel there would be no punishment. However, they forget that there is a god in Hell and how deceiving he is; who is Satan.

The Devil will be a friend while a person lives: He will give any one allrepparttar 127057 evil possessions of this earth and allow them to get away with murder or any heinous crime they want. One has to remember,repparttar 127058 devil has limited power here on earth because God has control, but when time comes forrepparttar 127059 soul to descend to Satan’s world,repparttar 127060 tables will turn. There will be no God, which means no mercy, no love, no grace, no truth, no good feeling. Satan isrepparttar 127061 god of all evil and there is no good in evil, no matter how good it may have felt while here on earth.

Though some people live like there is no Hell, even they have fears. For instance, depending on what evil a person practiced while alive, it will be that same fear that comes upon them in Hell. If someone lived as a racist, a homophobe, a child abuser et, once in Hell, they will face that which they practiced here on earth, for eternity. Not to claim knowledge of what goes on in Hell,repparttar 127062 point is, people never considerrepparttar 127063 consequences of their actions, beliefs, and lifestyles, and how they may be affecting someone else. They never consider that Hell could be a place of a person’s most adamant fears rolled into one long nightmare.

Church Fundraising - Make a Connection

Written by Kimberly Reynolds

Church Fundraising - Make a Connection

by Kimberly Reynolds

Raising money for your church is an important task that deservesrepparttar best approach. This article examines campaigns based around donor recognition that aim to strengthen community ties with your church.

What does advertising do to help make a business successful?

They build brand awareness. Your fundraising needs to build your church's "brand" by reinforcingrepparttar 127037 message of who you are and what your "value proposition" is for your congregation.

No, I am not saying that you need golden arches out front with a neon sign that says "Over 1 Million Saved." What I am saying is that you want your supporters to have a strong emotional tie to your church.

Your fundraising campaign should be structured to strengthen those emotional ties through establishing concrete links to your congregation that are visible torepparttar 127038 community.

What types of fundraising campaigns provide that visibility?

Donor recognition programs serve that purpose. They are easy to conduct and are available in a wide range of price points that offer ways for your entire congregation to show their support.

A donor campaign seeks a pledge of a certain contribution amount that could be a one-time donation, a weekly offering, a monthly automatic withdrawal, or an annual tithe.

Donation of a certain amount is rewarded with some type of donor recognition. Inexpensive items can be given to donors for smaller contributions inrepparttar 127039 $25 and up range while larger donations are usually recognized at your church.

What are some inexpensive examples?

An example of an entry-level price point offering for a donor recognition campaign is a custom pewter medallion or ornament which is hand crafted to display your church's exterior view. Two message lines can be added to reinforce your "brand." See examples ($10) at

Another example would be creating a unique coffee mug with your church's picture and message. The idea here is that each donor gets a coffee mug as a thank you for their support. The mug and your message help maintain awareness of their "belonging." See examples ($4) at

What recognition can you give to spur more donations?

Engraved or personalized bricks are an excellent way to provide or incent capital campaign contributions with recognition. Use of brick pavers with laser engraved messages in a special entry way or sidewalk is one attractive method.

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