The Failure of the SEO System.

Written by William Cross

The Failure ofrepparttar SEO System.

I see people daily preaching about how web site owners need to pay upwards of $7,500.00 or more for a marketing consultant who also practices search engine optimization. The reason given for this is that any SEO can get you top rankings, but that will not help you sell your products. They preach that searchers have no trust, they say that getting a #1 position for your relevant keywords will only bring visitors, not sales.

To an extent this is true. Butrepparttar 127954 fact is, this is said so you will payrepparttar 127955 fee they ask. They know their service, they know their prospect's mindset, and they do a fine job of turning you into a new customer.

You know your products or services better than they possibly could. You know your customers better than they ever could. This stands true of any industry or business model. Make that work for you!

Instead of shelling outrepparttar 127956 dinero, why not sit down and lay outrepparttar 127957 groundwork for a plan of action based on what you know about your business and it's customers. What do they want to see, how much detail do they want to see, and above all, what does it take to closerepparttar 127958 sale.

Once you know all of this,repparttar 127959 rest is merely laying it all out onrepparttar 127960 web site according to your plan. It sounds easy, and it really is not, it takes hard work on your part. But you are not relying on someone who claims that they will research your business and be expert enough in a matter of days to sell your product line.

Do not fall forrepparttar 127961 hype.

Once you have a web site that you are confident will convert searchers into sales, it is time to make sure you have searchers finding your web site. These same marketing consultants will tell you that you need them for this also. They will tell you that you need to concentrate onrepparttar 127962 lesser search terms that will bring in lesser amounts of traffic. They will tell you that this method will bring you better quality traffic because it targetsrepparttar 127963 visitor better. Bull! The fact is these marketers know that they do not haverepparttar 127964 ability or repparttar 127965 means to targetrepparttar 127966 more competitive search terms and keywords. They use this method so that they can show you good results usingrepparttar 127967 lesser keywords, to keep you ignorant and happy in your newfound traffic. I say ignorant, because they will not tell you that you could in fact have twice to three timesrepparttar 127968 targeted traffic if you used someone who was a true professional.

Yahoo's Back!

Written by Shawn Campbell

I was all set to write an article predictingrepparttar future of search engines, when Yahoo dropped Google and replaced it with its own engine. Now that's big news. In less than twenty-four hours, Google went from about 79% ofrepparttar 127953 market share to about 51%, almost overnight. And what a welcome relief it is too! Being #1 in Google was great, but when you hadrepparttar 127954 misfortune of dropping even a couple of positions you really felt it. Now there will be more stability; if you drop in Google today, your hits from Yahoo will remain consistent.

What isrepparttar 127955 new Yahoo?

Last year, Yahoo boughtrepparttar 127956 AltaVista, Fast, and Inktomi search engines. The new Yahoo results are none of these. Many people are saying thatrepparttar 127957 results come from a new Inktomi becauserepparttar 127958 results are similar; butrepparttar 127959 results are also similar to allrepparttar 127960 other search engines out there. In comparing these engines, it seems to me that Yahoo's results are from a brand new engine. Maybe they took parts and ideas from allrepparttar 127961 search engines they bought - maybe they even tookrepparttar 127962 best parts - , but whatever they did,repparttar 127963 result is something completely new.

Which search engine is better?

I will be comparing Google and Yahoo forrepparttar 127964 terms "music", "art prints and posters", "Bahamas real estate", "mosquito nets", and "liposuction". The other search engines all hold less than 4% ofrepparttar 127965 market share (except for MSN which uses Yahoo's Inktomi), so I won't be considering them. Here is what I found inrepparttar 127966 top 10 results for each keyphrase:


Yahoo offers a lot of music resource sites. Information about music from different sources such as magazine, TV and other music news sites are found 6 times inrepparttar 127967 top 10 results. It also offered downloading and file sharing programs 3 times. The 10th result was an audio player program site.

Google has a lot more diversity. There were 3 music resource sites (but no magazines), one downloading program, one CD store, one radio station (Yahoo radio), one music directory, andrepparttar 127968 10th result was an audio player program site. Google also had 2 sites in its top ten that were of no value whatsoever; which just has one page stating that they no longer offerrepparttar 127969 services that they used to (with links to their parent company), and, which is nothing more than an email gathering site for a newsletter (not a single link onrepparttar 127970 entire page).

Google's diversity is a big bonus, butrepparttar 127971 2 spam/junk/useless sites really hurt it. The results? Yahoo 1, Google 0.

Art Prints And Posters

Yahoo offers 6 stores, while Google offers 5. The other links are all affiliate spam with no content whatsoever (just links to stores), withrepparttar 127972 exception of one of Yahoo's links, which has some biographical content about artists. So Google has 5 spam sites, and Yahoo has 3 and a half.

Yet another round goes to Yahoo.

Bahamas Real Estate

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