The Face of a Child

Written by Jacqueline Ennis

Have you looked intorepparttar face of a child?

The tragic occurrence surrounding little Shasta Groene and her family is indescribable!

What this child may have witnessed is not something any one and most assuredly a child of any age should have to witness.

This is not so much an article about what occurred but about what DIDN'T occur.

Shasta and registered sex offender in two states. Joseph Duncan enters a gas station convenient store along with 5 other people.

Apparently, there is such a mental and emotional grip on 8 year old Shasta Groene that she is released to freely walk aboutrepparttar 148942 store as alleged kidnapper Duncan calmly reads a paper.

It appears she was instructed before hand, not to speak or draw attention to herself. At one point she even drastically avoids bumping into an female shopper.

As she appears to look intorepparttar 148943 faces of other customers with folded arms she seem to scream out for HELP, in hope that someone will recognize her.

Sadly she goes unnoticed by everyone and all of her hopes are dashed as she and Duncan quietly leaverepparttar 148944 store and Shasta walks towardsrepparttar 148945 Jeep Cherokee, opensrepparttar 148946 door and climbs intorepparttar 148947 passenger seat with no visible instructions from Duncan her alleged kidnapper.

I am not looking to bring guilt uponrepparttar 148948 patrons orrepparttar 148949 employees who were inrepparttar 148950 store that Friday, for I must shamefully admit that I, myself likely would not have noticed Shasta's silent cries as well.

So busy are we with our lives and problems that we can not recognizesrepparttar 148951 silent cry of an 8 year old child!

Again I ask...

Have you looked intorepparttar 148952 face of a child?

Kootenai County District Court Judge Wayman set a $2 million bail bond on fugitive charge, and no bail for kidnapping charges.

Public defender Lynn Nelson filed a bail reduction request that will be heard on July 19th, 2005.

Magistrate Benjamin Simpson will hearrepparttar 148953 reduction plea also at which time Duncan is expected to enter a plea ofrepparttar 148954 charges filed against him.

Idaho, Kootenai County Tel: (208) 446-1000 Email:

County's Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9000 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-9000

This article is written in hopes that we all will become more aware of our surroundings. In hopes that Web Masters across America and Canada will place on their siterepparttar 148955 Code Amber Alert Ticker!

When A Parent Is Deployed

Written by Ann Scaling Tucker


When a parent is deployed withrepparttar military it can be very traumatic forrepparttar 148941 children left behind. Having things for them to do, that makes them feel a part ofrepparttar 148942 family and helpingrepparttar 148943 parent who is gone, is really important.

Here is a list of things you can plan that should help easerepparttar 148944 pain of having mom or dad gone.

We all have happy and sad feelings about our parent leaving. It is important that we talk about them with our families. Haverepparttar 148945 child (children) make two lists. One with YOUR HAPPY FEELINGS and one with YOUR SAD FEELINGS. Sit down and discuss these lists and explainrepparttar 148946 feelings that they don't understand or answer questions.

Get a map and place it onrepparttar 148947 wall and showrepparttar 148948 kids where mom or dad has gone. They can stick a pin in it or place a small flag onrepparttar 148949 map. They might get a sheet of stickers and put them whererepparttar 148950 parent is, where they are, whererepparttar 148951 grandparents are, etc.

Getrepparttar 148952 kids a tablet with lined paper and show them how to write letters torepparttar 148953 parent. Here they can also use stickers and draw pictures.

Make a list of things that kids can do to cheerrepparttar 148954 family up like: do some chores, write letters, sing a song they wrote, tell their best joke and add your ideas torepparttar 148955 list.

You might want to take a calendar and mark special days and holidays that will be happening whilerepparttar 148956 parent is gone.

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