The Fabulous Fifties

Written by Vicki Clark

The Fabulous Fifties By Vicki Clark ©2005

Byrepparttar timerepparttar 135745 Korean War ended, in 1953, fifty thousand Americans had returned home in coffins. Withrepparttar 135746 end ofrepparttar 135747 War came President Eisenhower's promise of a bright future forrepparttar 135748 United States. It wasrepparttar 135749 beginning of an economic boom unlike any inrepparttar 135750 history ofrepparttar 135751 Country. Forrepparttar 135752 first time sincerepparttar 135753 Great Depression of 1929 America was not in crisis. Duringrepparttar 135754 latter part of 1953 mass consumerism was onrepparttar 135755 rise and money was inrepparttar 135756 bank. Americans moved up torepparttar 135757 "middle class" atrepparttar 135758 rate of one million a year and real wages were rising at an unprecedented 4.5% yearly. It was a time of conformity when men, dressed in gray flannel suits and white shirts, went to their white-collar jobs and women keptrepparttar 135759 home fires burning in their pastel, "cookie cutter" houses of America's new suburbia. Life centered aroundrepparttar 135760 stability of home and family and 97% of marriageable men and women were married, it was a couples society and they were all having children,repparttar 135761 baby boom was in full swing.. Americans began their love affair with TV duringrepparttar 135762 early part ofrepparttar 135763 decade and byrepparttar 135764 mid 50s 3/4 of them owned a television set and spent 1/3 of their waking hours watching I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Jack Benny, Queen for A Day, What's My Line, Ed Sullivan and American Bandstand. Consumerism flourished as television ads convinced viewers ofrepparttar 135765 need to keep up withrepparttar 135766 "Jones'" by owningrepparttar 135767 latest gadgets and goods. For Black citizens, inrepparttar 135768 midst of this new American prosperity, life remained unchanged but change was inrepparttar 135769 air. The 1954 United States Supreme Court decision in Brown v.repparttar 135770 Board of Education was amongrepparttar 135771 most significant turning points inrepparttar 135772 development of our country. It dismantledrepparttar 135773 legal basis for racial segregation in schools and other public facilities by declaring thatrepparttar 135774 discriminatory nature of racial segregation ... "violatesrepparttar 135775 14th amendment torepparttar 135776 U.S. Constitution, which guarantees all citizens equal protection ofrepparttar 135777 laws," The southern states resisted integration. On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, weary from an exhausting day of work as a seamstress, boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She sat inrepparttar 135778 black section atrepparttar 135779 back ofrepparttar 135780 bus but whenrepparttar 135781 white seats had filled she was told to give up her seat to a white man. Rosa Parks refused and in so doing becamerepparttar 135782 first prominent figure of what becamerepparttar 135783 Movement. The twenty-six year old minister, Martin Luther King, Jr. ledrepparttar 135784 black citizens in a non-violent boycott ofrepparttar 135785 Montgomery buses. Duringrepparttar 135786 boycott white extremists bombed Kings home. The boycott continued for 381 days until, in 1956,repparttar 135787 Federal Supreme ruled to desegregaterepparttar 135788 buses. In 1957 President Eisenhower sent inrepparttar 135789 101st Airborne to accompanyrepparttar 135790 Arkansas Nine to classes at Central High in Little Rock. Three weeks earlierrepparttar 135791 black students were prevented by white students, teachers and parents from enteringrepparttar 135792 school in spite ofrepparttar 135793 Brown v. The Board of Education ruling.

Planning Starts With The Basics

Written by Jonathan Citrin

When developing a plan for your finances,repparttar toughest question often is: “Where do I begin?” Before investing in stocks and bonds or buying life insurance, before implementing any change or making any decisions, you first need to analyze and understand your entire financial picture. Two documents allow you to do just that. A Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Statement enable you to take an in-depth look at your current financial situation and make better decisions aboutrepparttar 135744 future. With a little work, you can develop these two tools and be on your way to a solid plan for your finances.

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