The Exhausted Dream

Written by Glenn Brigaldino

Encouraging Women encourages women from all walks of life.
Dr Caroline Taylor comes to Nhill

Written by Lisa Mostyn

Encouraging Women of Nhill Victoria Australia, in partnership withrepparttar Salvation Army and Wimmera Family Violence Prevention Network is proud to have Dr Caroline Taylor speak at their upcoming function on November 3rd 2004. Encouraging Women is a non party political and non profit group aiming to provide high profile guest speakers to encourage, stimulate and motivate women in our community. Encouraging Women was developed in response to an identified need withinrepparttar 132322 community to facilitate and support women from all walks of life and experiences. Encouraging Women is a subcommittee ofrepparttar 132323 Nhill Neighbourhood House Learning Centre

Former Encouraging Women guest speakers include Mrs Lila Hensley; Dr Judith Slocombe - Telstra Australian Businesswoman ofrepparttar 132324 Year 2002; Ms Dur-e Dara - Restauranteur; The Hon. Joan Kirner - Former Victorian Premier; Christine Nixon - Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police and Ms Jenny Buckland - CEO Australian Children's Television Foundation. Encouraging Women has forged strong links withinrepparttar 132325 Nhill community and speakers often attendrepparttar 132326 Nhill College to talk to students and staff.

Dr Caroline Taylor is a University of Ballarat Post Doctoral Fellow. Dr Taylor was awardedrepparttar 132327 2001 Jean Martin Award byrepparttar 132328 Australian Sociological Association for her groundbreaking research intorepparttar 132329 way Victorian courts deal with rape withinrepparttar 132330 family and she is also included inrepparttar 132331 2002 Who's who of notable Australians. Dr Taylor has also successfully secured a criminology research grant of $55,905, with Dr Beverly Blaskett, also fromrepparttar 132332 University of Ballarat.

Dr Taylor is herself a victim/survivor of sexual abuse and studied more than 17,000 pages of transcripts from every Victorian trial dealing with intrafamilial sexual abuse during 1995 for her PhD thesis.

Dr Taylor's internationally acclaimed thesis has been published byrepparttar 132333 American publisher Peter Lang entitled "Court Licensed Abuse" in a format that takesrepparttar 132334 reader on a voyage of discovery into six different trials where every piece of evidence is revealed, evenrepparttar 132335 evidence withheld fromrepparttar 132336 jury.

A second book, "Surviving The Legal System," launched recently atrepparttar 132337 national Home Truths conference on sexual assault, is an insiders view of what it is to be a victim-witness in a rape trial in Victoria.

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