The Evolution of Google AdSense

Written by S. Housley

The web has evolved into a complex "organism" which, to some, appears to have a life of its own. Asrepparttar Internet has evolved, so too have online marketers and publishers. The dot-com balloon is said to have burst but savvy publishers have grabbedrepparttar 137537 coat tails ofrepparttar 137538 Google search monster and employ Google AdSense on content-rich websites. Google AdSense, a pioneer for providing content-sensitive advertisements, has been a boon to webmasters looking for alternatives to amortize their web trafffic.

How Does Google AdSense Work? The concept is simple: The publisher or webmaster inserts a java script into a website. Each timerepparttar 137539 page is accessed,repparttar 137540 java script pulls advertisements from Google's AdSense program. The ads are targeted and related torepparttar 137541 content contained onrepparttar 137542 web page servingrepparttar 137543 ad. If a web surfer clicks on an advertisement served from Google,repparttar 137544 webmaster servingrepparttar 137545 ad earns a portion ofrepparttar 137546 money thatrepparttar 137547 advertiser is paying Google forrepparttar 137548 click.

Google handles allrepparttar 137549 tracking and payments, ultimately providing an easy way for webmasters to display content-sensitive, targeted ads, withoutrepparttar 137550 headache of having to solicit advertisers, collect funds, monitor clicks or track statistics, any of which could easily become a full-time job.

While Google AdSense, like many pay-per-click programs, is plagued by claims of click-fraud, it is clearly an effective revenue source for many reputable web businesses. There seems to be no shortage of advertisers inrepparttar 137551 AdWords program from which Google pullsrepparttar 137552 AdSense ads. Webmasters seem less concerned byrepparttar 137553 lack of information provided by Google and more interested in cashing their monthly checks from Google.

The Evolution of AdSense While Google's initial system was fairly rudimentary, only providing publishersrepparttar 137554 option of displaying a handful of advertising formats,repparttar 137555 technology behind evenrepparttar 137556 first ads was anything but simplistic. The technology used to employ Google AdSense goes far beyond simple keyword or category matching. A complex algorithm is used to determinerepparttar 137557 content contained onrepparttar 137558 web page servingrepparttar 137559 ad. Oncerepparttar 137560 content is assessed, and appropriate ads that contain related content are served.

Early on, Google implemented a system that allows publishers to filter advertisements from competitors or sites which they deemed inappropriate. Google also allows vendors to specify an alternative advertisement, inrepparttar 137561 unlikely event that Google is unable to provide related content ads.

How A Security Specialist Fell Victim To Attack

Written by Darren Miller

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How A Security Specialist Fell Victim To Attack



How A Security Specialist Fell Victim To Attack

E-mail Attacks - A Bad Day For Submitting Articles


These days, I write several pages for our site plus two to three articles per week. The first places these articles are posted are and Several days later, I post these articles on other submission sites. This is standard operating procedure inrepparttar 137512 world of article submissions.

E-mail Attacks


Forrepparttar 137513 most part, articles are re-published without you even knowing. You typically find out when someone visits your site from another whererepparttar 137514 article has been posted. Other times,repparttar 137515 site that plans on postingrepparttar 137516 article e-mails you and asks you to review it before it goes live. Two weeks ago, I received one of these e-mails. Email attack - It was all downhill from there.

To Click Or Not To Click, That Is The Question


Our systems are protected by state ofrepparttar 137517 art security systems. Our SPAM filter is a hardware device that is nearly 100% effective. It also helps in protecting against Spyware and other malicious code. Our Firewall is similar to those you would find in large corporations. Our Anti-Virus system has served us well and we've not had problems with virus for years. I'm not claiming that our systems are 100% protected as there is no such system at this point in time. However, we are fairly confident in our security systems.

Two weeks ago, I received approximately twenty e-mails requestingrepparttar 137518 review and approval of Defending The Net articles published on other sites. I thoroughly reviewrepparttar 137519 e-mails to make sure they seem legitimate. I reviewrepparttar 137520 url's included to make sure they are valid and not redirected to a site that is IP only. The last e-mail I reviewed seemed to be in proper order. When I clicked onrepparttar 137521 URL torepparttar 137522 article,repparttar 137523 site failed to load.

Approximately five minutes later, my system slowed to a crawl. I reviewedrepparttar 137524 running services onrepparttar 137525 machine and found thatrepparttar 137526 "SYSTEM" process was running at 100% CPU utilization. A thorough review ofrepparttar 137527 system did not reveal anything out ofrepparttar 137528 ordinary. Yet,repparttar 137529 machine was barely operating.

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