The Evolution of Ethics: An Introduction to Cybernetic Ethics

Written by S. E. Bromberg

Science merges with ethics founded on cybernetic science.

Inventor Patents Alternative to The Soft Walls Project

Written by Ron Scott

Larry Koncelik, a NY attorney, has patented a remotely controlled, pilot override device he believes will greatly expediterepparttar governmentís ability to address public concerns aboutrepparttar 142724 prevention of another terrorist attack likerepparttar 142725 one New York City experienced on September 11, 2001.

According to Lawrence Koncelik,repparttar 142726 inventor, public safety is currently being compromised becauserepparttar 142727 search for a solution has become little more than an academic exercise. "Far too much time is being devoted torepparttar 142728 creation of three dimensional, soft wall corridors when a far simpler solution is available," he says.

Forrepparttar 142729 uninformed,repparttar 142730 federally funded Soft Walls Project has been a central focus of discussion since early 2002. In its simplest form, a "soft wall" is a term used to describe a buffer separating flight corridors and no fly zones. Autopilot systems would be programmed to prevent a pilot from flying into restricted airspace.

Koncelik likensrepparttar 142731 current preoccupation with The Soft Walls Project to that which prevailed whenrepparttar 142732 nation was pursuingrepparttar 142733 Star Wars Missile Defense initiative. "We didnít need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars pursuing Star Wars. No intercontinental ballistic missile can be launched without our knowing within a matter of a minutes that it is airborne and we could have very easily stationed aircraft, specifically U2s and SR71s, equipped with missiles to shoot them down before they reach their targets," he says.

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