The Ethical Responsible puppy Buyer

Written by Pixiedust Papillons & Phalenes

The responsible, ethical BUYER We certainly hear and read multitudes of opinions of what makes a responsible papillon or phalene dog breeder (and many times those opinions are biased byrepparttar writers' backgrounds in papillons or phalenes). Rarely do you see any articles on what makes a responsible BUYER of papillons or phalenes. Many buyers complain that they never hear back from a papillon or phalene breeder, whenrepparttar 149948 buyer inquires about buying a papillon or phalene puppy for a pet. Good papillon and phalene breeders spend massive amounts of time learning about their breed, their bloodlines and host of other things in order to breedrepparttar 149949 best papillons and phalenes. So what does a quality breeder of papillons and phalenes expect from potential buyers? A buyer should never write and state " do you have papillon or phalene puppies for sale now and how much are they"? The breeder will not have a papillon or phalene puppy for this buyer, sincerepparttar 149950 buyer has given no indication of what they are looking for in a papillon or phalene puppy. Most breeders have so many requests, that they really will not wasterepparttar 149951 time to reply with a list of questions that they need answered in order to properly respond torepparttar 149952 buyer's request--especially when most breeder's websites already carry a list of those questionsrepparttar 149953 papillon or phalene breeder needs to have answered byrepparttar 149954 buyer. Breeders of quality papillons and phalenes will usually avoid a buyer who enthusiastically states that they are eager to learn and "have hundreds of questions". If you have that many questions about papillon or phalene dogs and puppies, then you have not done enough research--because there are a host of websites, books and videos available to help answer most of those questions. Some breeders, like here at Pixiedust Papillons and Phalenes, go to a great deal of time and trouble to provide a website to help answer questions new buyers may have. And responsible buyers will have done this research before asking a breeder for one of their puppies. A papillon or phalene breeder is just that--a breeder. They will be spending time with their dogs, shows, competitions, seminars and even building large website just to answer questions, they will not haverepparttar 149955 time or evenrepparttar 149956 ability to give a potential buyer all their accumulated knowledge in an email. Ifrepparttar 149957 buyer is too lazy to learn a few things on their own, they will most likely not be a candidate for a well bred puppy. Asrepparttar 149958 breeder will perceive such a buyer as one also too lazy to take proper time and care of a papillon or phalene puppy. Ethical papillon and phalene puppy breeders are expected to take responsibility for every puppy they produce by providing a "lifetime return policy" ifrepparttar 149959 buyer cannot keeprepparttar 149960 puppy for what ever reason. It is time for BUYERS to be ethical and responsible and to make a lifetime commitment torepparttar 149961 papillon or phalene puppy that they buy. NO good breeder wants to sell a puppy to a person who wants to dodge their responsibility as pet owner. It does not matter if you have difficulty trainingrepparttar 149962 dog, have to move or get a new job or have a divorce--as a buyer, YOU have a responsibility to care forrepparttar 149963 pet you bought. The breeder did not 'rent'repparttar 149964 puppy to you--you boughtrepparttar 149965 dog! Only underrepparttar 149966 most extreme circumstances should a buyer ever have to askrepparttar 149967 breeder to take back a puppy.

Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Written by Mike Nalbone

Many people donít realize that their dogs, just like human beings, can suffer from allergies. In fact, about twenty percent ofrepparttar dogs inrepparttar 149704 United States alone suffer from one allergy or another, with flea allergy dermatitis beingrepparttar 149705 most common form of allergies in dogs. Other types include atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and inhalant allergies.

Signs and symptoms of dog allergies may vary but are often marked by persistent itching and discoloration ofrepparttar 149706 skin (most common in skin allergies), coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and mucus discharge (most common in inhalant allergies), and nausea, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea (common to food allergies and other ailments.)

Over-the-counter preparations and treatments for common dog allergies exist and may be purchased at any good pet supply store, but care should be taken when choosing such treatments. Consultation with a vet isrepparttar 149707 best first course of action for several reasons. First of all, what you think is an allergic reaction may actually be signs of a more serious ailment and a vet should berepparttar 149708 one to determine whether that isrepparttar 149709 case. Secondly, ifrepparttar 149710 allergy is severe enough, over-the-counter treatments may not be sufficient to treatrepparttar 149711 symptoms and a prescription strength treatment may be required. There is alsorepparttar 149712 chance thatrepparttar 149713 dog does not have an allergy at all. The last thing you want to do is medicate your pet unnecessarily.

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