The End Of The Road

Written by Patrick Mathieu

Last week I was driving along one ofrepparttar major highways around Toronto. I had some good music playing on my stereo andrepparttar 148844 weather was wonderful.

I am always a careful driver, so my attention was focused on my driving, but my thoughts were elsewhere. Suddenly, I noticedrepparttar 148845 sign warning thatrepparttar 148846 highway was coming to an end just ahead. Only then did I realize that I had missed my exit!

Has that sort of thing ever happened to you?

This situation is an excellent illustration of why I considerrepparttar 148847 message of "Mindful Awareness" to be so very important. Consider that all of us are traveling downrepparttar 148848 highway of life. Each of us has an idea of which route we would like to be taking, but we must be constantly mindful or else we risk missing our turning points.

Sometimes a missed turn can be fixed by taking another turn and circling back. Sometimes an even better route presents itself. But sooner or later everyone will find themselves atrepparttar 148849 end ofrepparttar 148850 highway and many people will be unprepared forrepparttar 148851 sudden ending ofrepparttar 148852 journey. "I was so sure thatrepparttar 148853 highway was longer than this!" they'll say.

My speaking, my book, my coaching and these weekly Mindful Moments all have a common goal. The entire point of my message torepparttar 148854 world is to ensure that you don't reachrepparttar 148855 end of your highway only to look back and say:

Learn how to stop stammering today

Written by Stephen Hill

My name is Stephen Hill, I have overcome a stammer which had been a major thorn in my side for eighteen years. My aim in life is to try and help as many other people to achieve fluency as I can.

When I had a stammer, I would attend speech therapy, at which I would be told to slow down or to take a deep breath before talking.

This did not seem to help me very much and after attending these speech therapy lessons for eighteen years decided it probably never would.

I firmly believed that my own stammer was very much a physcological as well as a physical problem as at times I could very well, like for example when I was talking to my girlfriend or when I was talking when I was drunk.

I decided to read a lot of books about positive thinking for example and atrepparttar same time started to study how good fluent talkers were speaking compared to me. I was basically trying to re-learn how to speak.

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