The Emmaus Journal ~ "What Is Wrong With Being Common?"

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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The Emmaus Journal ~ "What Is Wrong With Being Common?"

This questioning title has tenaciously lingered in my mind forrepparttar 132275 past few months. Precociously tethered within a shallow stigma and pushed torepparttar 132276 cliff of distasteful obsolescence; it seemingly mustered one final effort within my mind to be heard. It's voice almost now a muted whisper bends my mind into a straining listening poise. I begin to sense a long lived pain and deepening sorrow for a passing away of what once use to be. Introspectively my heart receives a string of words that seem more like a benediction, causing a response of unknown sadness.

Oh so common, left have you your days, 'twas that which seemed so common now has passed away. Left behind so strangely alone, no one to notice, no one to mourn.

In today's Reality our lives seem to be harbored in a momentous effort to be everything but common. Consider and ponder with me a moment. Common is not what one avidly seeks nor is taught as being generally accepted. Common is widely looked upon as a social disorder in banality. So many cliché's have been assimilated that we carry a pre-disposition against that which may even appear as common. Being associated with any form of commonness is to be ostracized in a world that is now held in a blazing stream of mass materialism and a propagation of success at all cost. Common is usually a kin torepparttar 132277 poor andrepparttar 132278 ignorant. Common sets a indelible mark upon a human being like a tattoo of distain. After all, we must strive to raise aboverepparttar 132279 common. We must free ourselves fromrepparttar 132280 benign background ofrepparttar 132281 common. We must scale an upward ladder out of our common linage to leave our mark upon this world. We must not succumb torepparttar 132282 common, nor allow it to entrench us in its ordinary paths. We must, we must ...

Oh so common, 'twere a Friend before your time, wistful acceptance yet wanly pushed aside. A paling glance now too faded away, falling on beyond such bounds till forever never stays.

Unfortunately, an out of touch hybrid Reality is trying to replace all forms of commonality. Producing in its stead an homogenized social class system hidden behind layered masks of separation, quite unlike any other. Promoted by a sense of intense dissatisfaction and an inner emptiness that cannot be filled; it has usurpedrepparttar 132283 motto that "More means best; and to berepparttar 132284 best, you have to have more". More of what you might ask? Simply, more thanrepparttar 132285 common! No longer is it adequate or savvy to be a 'Butcher, Baker, a Candle Stick Maker'. You must berepparttar 132286 only 'Butcher',repparttar 132287 only 'Baker',repparttar 132288 only 'Candle Stick Maker'. You must outwit, outsmart, out do, out shine, out class. You must, you must ...

Problems Of The Third World

Written by Muhammad Sumair Sarwar


The second world war ended with a new geographical mapping ofrepparttar world.USA and USSR emerged asrepparttar 132271 two super powers and they both try to maintain their circle of influence.Many countries of latin America,Africa and Asia formrepparttar 132272 third world. The biggest problem of these countries are population,literacy rate,poverty and inflation.Most of these countries are over populated.A large percentage of their populaton live belowrepparttar 132273 poverty line.Most ofrepparttar 132274 third world countries are agricultural.But productivity on land is very low.Industrial growth is very slow.In science and technology they are backword.Their imports are more then exports.Their per capita is very low as compared to developed countries. Underdevelopment makes an unmistakable mark onrepparttar 132275 state of social organisationin a third world.Poverty,ignorance and diseases walk hand in hand wihrepparttar 132276 people.Thier percentage of literacy is very low.Poor health and hygiene,lack of transport facilities are other problems. Political non-stability is another important problem of third world countries.Common man is not aware of his rights.The rulling class is not interested inrepparttar 132277 wel-fare ofrepparttar 132278 people.They work as an agent ofrepparttar 132279 western countries.Corruption is rampant,no one obays law and order.

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