The Emancipation Proclamation Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Emancipation Proclamation Lie:

Why doesrepparttar Immigration Department insist on askingrepparttar 150615 question who freedrepparttar 150616 slaves and saying it was Lincoln? Do you think Lincoln was in a position to freerepparttar 150617 slaves inrepparttar 150618 South? Perhaps he was but that was never settled in court and it wasrepparttar 150619 matter of Civil War, in part. He did not freerepparttar 150620 slaves inrepparttar 150621 North where he actually was legally entitled to make such a Proclamation. This kind of management of public perception is almost considered wise by people when they learn that it is not true. They say things like ‘We need our heroes’.

If we need to lie about liars and racists or otherwise keep our heads in dark places and eat what mushrooms eat, how will we addressrepparttar 150622 opportunities to stop fighting overrepparttar 150623 One Pie? How will we make more pies on other planets and who will own those planets or getrepparttar 150624 gene therapy to extend life to a potential of 900 years? Who thinks that sentient robots with human brain contents dumped therein (Stanford 1999) will be better workers and who will have jobs? Why work at any job that can be done by a robot? Has our education system been creating thinkers who can createrepparttar 150625 vast potential inherent in new technology and space colonization?

A Fool And Their Rights Are Soon Parted

Written by Fred Ost

Benjamin Franklin once said "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

Fear, desire for convenience, and ignorance arerepparttar leading causes of United States citizens surrendering their rights, it's not all government corruption and tyranny like some people would like to believe. Why wouldrepparttar 150586 government have to employ deception or trickery when people are ready to line up and hand over their rights and privacy forrepparttar 150587 very freedom and security they are already entitled to? The necessary laws to protect our society have been in place long before September Eleventh, but due to a lack of communication between various agencies and overall poor handling of resources we wererepparttar 150588 victims of a terrible terrorist attack. Years later who is continuing to pay for those mistakes? We are,repparttar 150589 citizens of and travelers through,repparttar 150590 United States.

Although most people are living life as they normally would have prior torepparttar 150591 September Eleventh terrorist attacks, there is an underlying fear or concern that flows constantly yet forrepparttar 150592 most part un-noticed throughrepparttar 150593 back of our minds likerepparttar 150594 operating system that runs your computer. This same fear is being used byrepparttar 150595 government on a daily basis to help build a sales pitch that makes handing over your rights to allegedly help providerepparttar 150596 safety you were already guaranteed byrepparttar 150597 constitution seem likerepparttar 150598 patriotic thing to do. Am I trying to state that law enforcement methods should not evolve to keep pace with technology? Absolutely not, law enforcement needs to keep pace now more than ever. I am saying that our freedoms and privacy should not bearrepparttar 150599 cost of their evolution.

Convenience for freedom is a tradeoff that is growing in popularity every day, and withrepparttar 150600 ongoing National ID effort handing over your freedom and privacy is going to be sold to you infomercial style with hook after hook and "call to action" phrases in abundance. But in this ad campaign instead of those call to action phrases being "buy now", or "call today" they are going to refer to freedom, patriotism, and increasingrepparttar 150601 government's ability to keep you safe. The end result will be thatrepparttar 150602 average United States citizen who is too busy with their own lives already to really readrepparttar 150603 fine print and see what is going on is going to hand over their rights once again. And then when you have accepted your shiny new National ID/Drivers License (which is going to also be more money coming out of your pocket)repparttar 150604 government will then dorepparttar 150605 follow up sale and show yourepparttar 150606 benefits of being able to use your National ID for everything for example:

  • Use It As A Drivers License
  • Use It To Supply Emergency Medical Information
  • Use It As A Credit Card
  • Use It As A Library Card (so your reading habits can be monitored)
  • Use It To Pay Tolls

    (afterrepparttar 150607 eventual government purchase and centralization of

    EZPASS type services to helprepparttar 150608 government keep you safe

    onrepparttar 150609 road through improved management ofrepparttar 150610 National Highway Network)

  • Use It To Buy Gas
  • Use It To Rent Videos (so those titles can be properly recorded

    to monitor your viewing habits for patterns of potential for wrong doing)

  • Use It As A Firearms Purchasing ID (ha ha like you'll be allowed to have

    those anymore, for firearms will have been deemed unsafe byrepparttar 150611 people who

    you trusted enough to hand your rights over to in order to help protect you).

All that convenience for just givingrepparttar 150612 government just a little of your personal information, how can you pass up that deal? Act now while supplies last, get yours today! I think you getrepparttar 150613 picture by now. That concludesrepparttar 150614 fear and desire for convenience examples. I will userepparttar 150615 ever-popular topic of gun control to sum up my examples of rights surrendered through ignorance. I wish I could say that it was totallyrepparttar 150616 government taking advantage of peoples ignorance to passrepparttar 150617 gun laws that they do, however that is notrepparttar 150618 case. This falls underrepparttar 150619 "give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves" realm.

The following quote from John Kerry is an excerpt from "Remarks by President Bush and Senator Kerry inrepparttar 150620 Third 2004 Presidential Debate Part II, Tempe,AZ 10/14/2004:

"I know something about prosecuting. And most ofrepparttar 150621 law enforcement agencies in America wanted that assault weapons ban. They don't want to go into a drug bust and be facing an AK-47.

I was hunting in Iowa last year withrepparttar 150622 sheriff from one ofrepparttar 150623 counties there and he pointed to a house in back of us and said, see that house over there? We just did a drug bust a week earlier, andrepparttar 150624 guy we arrested had an AK-47 lying onrepparttar 150625 bed right beside him.

Because ofrepparttar 150626 President's decision today, law enforcement officers will walk into a place that will be more dangerous. Terrorists can now come into America and go to a gun show, and without even a background check, buy an assault weapon today. And that's what Osama bin Laden's handbook said -- because we captured it in Afghanistan and it encouraged them to do it."

Now let's take it fromrepparttar 150627 top, danger is a part ofrepparttar 150628 law enforcement business, if you have not committed yourself to being comfortable with that reality, then it is time for a career change. This isrepparttar 150629 very same law enforcement business in whichrepparttar 150630 growing trend, is to staff these agencies almost exclusively with ex military or college students both of which very used to obeying a government body rule, living a structured lifestyle and not doing a lot of thinking outside repparttar 150631 box, or decision making based in life experience. There are plenty of street-smart people who would make great law enforcement personnel but because they have not been conditioned, by school orrepparttar 150632 military to conform and obey they are now fast becoming unqualified candidates. Anybody seeing a "Sylvester Stallone /John Spartan/ Demolition Man" type pattern here?

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