The Elusive Six-Pack

Written by Dave Soucy

A common goal among exercisers is to achieve those washboard abs thatrepparttar models inrepparttar 146952 fitness magazines all seem to have. Endless crunches, leg raises, side bends, sit ups, strapping intorepparttar 146953 ab machines atrepparttar 146954 gym. People continue to search forrepparttar 146955 secret torepparttar 146956 elusive ‘six pack’, often without much success. Turn on late night TV and you are sure to catch more than one infomercial promoting some new miracle device that will give you fitness magazine abs without any effort at all. If perfect abs are your goal, one thing you can be sure of, those infomercial products will make your wallet smaller faster than your waistline.

So, for those of us who are not fitness models, how can we develop a trim, defined midsection? Several points need to be addressed. First,repparttar 146957 'abs' are made up of several muscles. The one most people associate with isrepparttar 146958 rectus abdominus, located inrepparttar 146959 front ofrepparttar 146960 abdomen betweenrepparttar 146961 ribs andrepparttar 146962 pelvis. Although it is one muscle, it is divided by grooves,repparttar 146963 tendinous inscriptions, which is why it is often referred to asrepparttar 146964 'six pack' (in reality it is an 'eight pack'). The primary function ofrepparttar 146965 rectus abdominus is to flexrepparttar 146966 trunk, or bringrepparttar 146967 rib cage down towardsrepparttar 146968 pelvic bone. In addition to this muscle,repparttar 146969 internal and external obliques (located onrepparttar 146970 sides of your abdomen), andrepparttar 146971 transverse abdominus (running perpendicular to and underneathrepparttar 146972 rectus abdominus) arerepparttar 146973 main muscles that make up your 'abs'. A properly designed fitness program will incorporate exercises that work each of these muscles and not focus solely onrepparttar 146974 'six pack'. In addition, in order to provide strength and stabilization to your trunk, and avoid imbalances that can lead to injury, exercises that strengthenrepparttar 146975 muscles ofrepparttar 146976 back and hips should be part of a complete program.

The second point is that your abdominal muscles, likerepparttar 146977 other muscles of your body, need recovery time between training sessions. It is a popular misconception that it is okay to work your midsection every day. You would not think about doing squats every day, as your legs need time to recover and grow. The same principle applies here, meaning you should not work your abdominal muscles every day either. More is also not necessarily better when it comes to repetitions. Performing 25 well executed crunches is far more effective than being able to proudly proclaimrepparttar 146978 ability to do 200 crunches with poor form.

Natural Bodybuilding Jargon

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

Article intro: This glossary containsrepparttar definitions ofrepparttar 146875 world of Natural Bodybuilding. It is by no means a complete guide to Bodybuilding. However, I do believe that if you go through this bilingual dictionary, you should become fairly knowledgeable ofrepparttar 146876 Natural Bodybuilding language.

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Natural Bodybuilding Jargon By Kevin Doberstein CFT Copyright © 2005 Nature Boy Bodybuilding

This glossary containsrepparttar 146877 definitions ofrepparttar 146878 world of Natural Bodybuilding. It is by no means a complete guide to Bodybuilding. However, I do believe that if you go through this bilingual dictionary, you should become fairly knowledgeable ofrepparttar 146879 Natural Bodybuilding language. This could also become a resource to find quick answers once you start designing training programs on your own. Be sure to add this bodybuilding jargon guide to your favorites for future reference.

Rep. Abbreviation for repetition. For example, one repetition or “rep” would be one barbell bicep curl.

Rep Tempo. The speedrepparttar 146880 repetition is done at. A slow tempo worksrepparttar 146881 slow twitch muscle fiber. A fast explosive rep worksrepparttar 146882 fast twitch muscle fiber.

Set. A set of repetitions. An example would be 1 set of 8 bicep curl repetitions.

Tri-Set. Three exercises work together in one set. Usually done with a muscle group with three or more sections. An example would be deltoids with front raises; side laterals, and rear raises all done continuously in one set.

Giant-Set. Four to six exercises done together in one set.

Staggered-Sets. Adding a different muscle exercise in between sets. An example would be doing a abdominal crunch exercise in between bench presses.

Pre-Exhaustion set. Doing a isolation exercise before a basic movement exercise. This is done to focus on one muscle in a group of muscles. An example would be doing dumbbell flys before bench press.

Basic-Movement set. A multi-joint exercise. An example would berepparttar 146883 bench press.

Rest-Pause set. Resting for 10 to 15 seconds in between reps. This is done to furtherrepparttar 146884 set and increase intensity. An example would be doing a barbell curl then stopping onrepparttar 146885 bottom ofrepparttar 146886 movement (resting) for 10 to 15 seconds and then do another rep.

Muscle Mix-Up. Changingrepparttar 146887 rep scheme and exercises to forcerepparttar 146888 muscles into new growth.

Holistic Training. The theory thatrepparttar 146889 parts of any whole should be considered in relation torepparttar 146890 whole and thatrepparttar 146891 whole is greater thanrepparttar 146892 sum of its parts. What this means in bodybuilding is training a bodypart in different rep speed and volume to stimulaterepparttar 146893 entire muscle structure of that bodypart. This is an example usingrepparttar 146894 pectoral muscle. First do a set of 5 to 6 reps of bench presses with explosive speed to stimulaterepparttar 146895 fast twitch muscle fiber. Then do a set of 10 to 12 reps of dumbbell flys with moderate speed to stimulate fast and slow twitch fiber. Then do a set of 25 to 40 reps of cable crossovers to stimulaterepparttar 146896 slow twitch fiber.

Alternating Set. Isolating one muscle then isolatingrepparttar 146897 other muscle out of one group. This is done to focus on each part ofrepparttar 146898 muscle group. An example would be dumbbell alternating bicep curls. You can curl one arm at a time to increaserepparttar 146899 intensity in each biceps.

Quaker Thunder Blast. Too much oatmeal taken in for carbohydrates mixed with squat night. Don’t laugh, this is a serious condition.

Baseballs. Sometimes used slang for a well defined bicep muscle when it is fully contracted.

V-taper. Refers torepparttar 146900 back side ofrepparttar 146901 upper torso. A wide back to a narrow waist which makes a V. Generally to increaserepparttar 146902 V-taper one must increaserepparttar 146903 size ofrepparttar 146904 latissimi dorsi muscle ofrepparttar 146905 upper back and decreaserepparttar 146906 fat aroundrepparttar 146907 waist.

Negs. The eccentric portion ofrepparttar 146908 strength curve. For example inrepparttar 146909 bench it is when you lower it to your chest. Negs or negative reps are when you resistrepparttar 146910 force fromrepparttar 146911 weight and slowly lowering it to your chest. This will cause above normal trauma to your muscle fiber and shouldn’t be done too often. This process can also be done with other lifts.

Trampoline Lifter. Someone who bouncesrepparttar 146912 weight atrepparttar 146913 amortization portion ofrepparttar 146914 lift. An example would be someone bouncingrepparttar 146915 barbell off his or her chest inrepparttar 146916 bench press exercise. A very bad practice to follow. You drastically cheatrepparttar 146917 muscle from total development.

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