The Elusive Butterfly of Happiness

Written by Barbara White

Are You Chasingrepparttar Elusive Butterfly of Happiness?

For many people happiness is an elusive butterfly inrepparttar 144277 garden of life. Imagine a young child inrepparttar 144278 garden on a summer day. The child sees a beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower. With eyes of wonderrepparttar 144279 child wants to see it close up, touch it, and hold it in their hands. The child goes towardsrepparttar 144280 flower thatrepparttar 144281 butterfly is resting on, with arms out stretched, only to find as he just gets in reach,repparttar 144282 butterfly moves to another flower. Undeterredrepparttar 144283 child followsrepparttar 144284 butterfly torepparttar 144285 next flower, and thenrepparttar 144286 next, butrepparttar 144287 butterfly always stays just out of reach.

As adults, happiness can seem just like that butterfly, always just out of reach. It becomes almost an obsession andrepparttar 144288 words “if only…” become an increasingly large part of our thoughts and vocabulary. If only I had more money I would be happy, if only I was in a great relationship I would be happy, if only I could have a different job……….andrepparttar 144289 list goes on. Even if we achieve one of our “if only “desires,repparttar 144290 happiness we seek is still just out of our reach. The truth ofrepparttar 144291 saying “The grass is always greener onrepparttar 144292 other side ofrepparttar 144293 fence” becomes our focus and perception. If this becomes our focus, we find that dissatisfaction and unhappiness increasingly keep growing in our life and experience.

The unhappiness within us can not be completely satisfied by external events or circumstances. To find happiness in life we must first be at peace with ourselves internally. External events and circumstances can bring us happiness inrepparttar 144294 moment, but they do not have a lasting effect on our inner self. Life experience brings a mixture of good and bad circumstances to everyone. To rely on life’s experiences for our source of happiness would mean living life in a constant emotional roller coaster ride.

Stress Tips

Written by Bill Reddie

Stress Tips

26 ways to minimize and managerepparttar unhealthy effects of stress, anxiety and burnout. By Bill Reddie

No doubt about it - we live in an increasingly competitive and stressful world. In many subtle and not so subtle ways it affects us all and it's not unusual for people to lace their conversation with phrases like 'Stressed out', 'Anxiety syndrome', 'Panic attack', 'Burned out', and more. That's today's reality.

The question is, how do we go about dealing with that kind of world? What can we do to minimizerepparttar 144228 prolonged, unhealthy effects of a stressful environment? How can we prevent stress, anxiety and burnout from becoming a way of life?

Well, first we need to take a good hard look at what exactly is stressing us out and perhaps do a bit of repair work on our perspective ofrepparttar 144229 situation. A good way to do that is by reviewing some very basic and constructive advice that has always been available but is often forgotten in our daily scuffle to get ahead.

Forrepparttar 144230 most part,repparttar 144231 advice is based upon common sense and can often provide clarity and guidance in stressful situations.

That said, studyrepparttar 144232 list below to see if it contains something that will work for you. At first glance, these suggestions may appear deceptively simple but each will, nonetheless, require dedicated effort and discipline.

1. Don't try to please everyone. It's impossible, debilitating and very stressful.

2. Stop living your life according torepparttar 144233 beliefs, opinions and prejudgments of others. Its your life, not theirs.

3. Create dependable friendships with people who can be counted on to support your effort to change, learn and grow.

4. Try to make changes gradually. Doing so will help you to maintain a more positive outlook as you progress. Attempting to change too much too soon often leads to disappointment.

5. Establish priorities that are consistent with your own values.

6. Examine your beliefs and goals. Are they unrealistic or unattainable?

7. Accentrepparttar 144234 positive and learn fromrepparttar 144235 negative.

8. Focus onrepparttar 144236 present. The past cannot be changed. The future hasn't arrived yet. That leaves you with now. Now isrepparttar 144237 time to createrepparttar 144238 future you desire.

9. Are you a workaholic? If so, try to create a more balanced lifestyle. By so doing, you'll minimize a lot of stress too.

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