The Effect of Hysterectomy on Sexual Response and Sexual Identity

Written by James Brann, MD

The effect of hysterectomy on sexual response and sexual identity is mixed. Most woman go on to have a normal sex life, some have a heightened response , while others are less able to have a sexual response following hysterectomy due to their perceived loss of femininity. Some women may notice a change in their sexual response afterrepparttar uterus has been removed, uterine contractions that may have been associated with orgasm will no longer be perceived. Other women may experience a heightened response. This may be due torepparttar 151215 fact that they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant and no longer have tremendous pain or dysfunctional bleeding.

Ifrepparttar 151216 ovaries are not removed,repparttar 151217 outer genitals andrepparttar 151218 vagina are not affected and remain lubricated with sexual response. Ifrepparttar 151219 ovaries are removed atrepparttar 151220 time of hysterectomy, vaginal dryness may be a problem during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness can be helped withrepparttar 151221 use of estrogen cream.

During hysterectomy vaginal tissue is removed and may make repparttar 151222 vagina shorter. Deep thrusting during intercourse may be painful. Changing positions during intercourse may help, such as being on top or bringing your legs closer together.

Recently interest in supracervical hysterectomies (whererepparttar 151223 cervix is not removed at time of hysterectomy) has grown out of speculation that women might enjoy better sexual function after hysterectomy whenrepparttar 151224 cervix is left in place. A new study has found there is no difference in sexual function or quality of life when a supracervical hysterectomy is performed instead of a total abdominal hysterectomy.

A New Way To Shop – Online

Written by Eric Madsen

Withrepparttar advent ofrepparttar 151175 internet, our lives have changed dramatically. Allrepparttar 151176 major chain stores, from Walmart to Nordstrom’s have online stores. By doing a search on one ofrepparttar 151177 search engines you can locate hard to find items that would take you weeks or months to find if you had to go from store to store. Online shopping lets you shoprepparttar 151178 world from London to Korea;repparttar 151179 internet has becomerepparttar 151180 magic carpet ofrepparttar 151181 shopper. And you can do this fromrepparttar 151182 comfort of your own home.

Most ofrepparttar 151183 online stores run sales that if you go directly torepparttar 151184 store site you will never see. These stores give these special sales and coupon sales to their affiliates sites, Sales such as “30% to 70% off”, “FREE Shipping” and “Special five day sales”.

Most ofrepparttar 151185 online shopping sites have a place to subscribe to their mailing list. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletters. They will email yourepparttar 151186 latest online coupons and special sales. This way you can check your email and not have to go to each site to see what sales are offered.

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