The Editor Rejected Me

Written by Raelene Hall

I’ve always felt ‘rejection’ is a cruel way to describerepparttar return of writing masterpieces. Just how awful I discovered when I looked uprepparttar 149941 word in my Collins Australian ‘School’ Dictionary. Rejection (noun): From Latin reicere meaning ‘to throw back.’ Ouch! All that hard work, hours of slaving over a hot keyboard, only to have someone, supposedly a person with knowledge of what constitutes quality writing, ‘throw it back’ at me. Now how fair is that I ask? I never know in which particular formatrepparttar 149942 ‘throw back’ might come. It might be a nicely worded letter, oozing with sincerity and hope forrepparttar 149943 future of my esteemed writing career. Onrepparttar 149944 other hand it could well be a standard ‘throw back’ response. You can pick these byrepparttar 149945 way they cross outrepparttar 149946 bits that don’t apply. ‘Thank you for your story/article/essay/poem/book/lecture. We enjoyed reading/browsing/viewing/scribbling on/ignoring it. Unfortunately it is not what we need/require/desire/give a damn about at present. I’ve often thought of complaining about this standardized form of rejection but can never decipherrepparttar 149947 signature atrepparttar 149948 bottom. I think it is a conspiracy to prevent me finding out who this person is that doesn’t recognise quality writing when it is stuck under his/her nose. Do these people have no idea what being a writer entails? My time is limited yet I spared a precious half hour to writerepparttar 149949 piece they rejected, knowing it would suit their market. It was sprinkled with lots and lots of wonderful adjectives. There was no shortage of punctuation. The layout was a sight to behold with coloured ink and bold headlines in allrepparttar 149950 important parts. It was a masterpiece, yet it was thrown back at me.

The online writing business requires constant and regular writing

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Many writers do not understand thatrepparttar online writing business is very different fromrepparttar 149833 offline writing world. The economics are totally different and no amount of lobbying and noise will change that.

Sadly, because of this reason, many good writers have stayed away fromrepparttar 149834 online writing business while others have priced themselves out of lucrative assignments from websites, simply because they wantrepparttar 149835 offline world to be automatically transferred online.

Inrepparttar 149836 bricks and mortar world of writing, top freelance writers are accustomed to single writing assignments paying them $300 atrepparttar 149837 very minimum. Rates for leading magazines can go up to $3,000 or even much higher.

Thinking that you can push a webmaster to pay you $3000 for your writing is just plain day dreaming. The realities online are very different. For starters, inrepparttar 149838 offline writing market there are a few thousand publications paying good rates to freelancer writers. Inrepparttar 149839 online world there are millions of potential writing markets (and constantly growing even as you read this). The challenge inrepparttar 149840 old world is finding a way to beat other writers to assignments. Inrepparttar 149841 new online writing business,repparttar 149842 challenge is being able to handle enough clients and to do enough writing daily to make a good income.

Online writing business will tend to come in volumes and for you to make money you will need to be a fast writer. There are some techniques to speed uprepparttar 149843 writing process (which I deal with in my free short online writing business course available by sending an email to writertips at but these technique will only help to speed up a writer who already has a good speed.

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