The Economic Revolution - How To Survive Into The Next Millennium

Written by Pamela Heywood

Obviously, I mean THIS Millennium now, but what follows is an article I first had published in a magazine in July 1996. So, why am I writing this introduction and re-publishing now?

May 2000: The other day, I was reading an article on MAY PLANETARY ALIGNMENT By Dorene A. Carrel a Seattle-area astrologer who provides consultations for natal, relationship and relocation charts. In her article, Dorene cites astrological reasons, due to these current planetary alignments, for changes in our banking and monetary systems and goes on to say that perhaps bartering may becomerepparttar wave ofrepparttar 125601 future.

I was stunned byrepparttar 125602 *coincidence* withrepparttar 125603 information I had researched some years before for one of my teeth-cutting articles in my new career as a journalist after spending 20 odd years in management accountancy and business administration.

We are seeing this all happening now, every day onrepparttar 125604 WWW, even though I didn't know I meantrepparttar 125605 Internet when I wroterepparttar 125606 original article. We barter daily for freebies, reciprocal links and more in order to promote our online businesses. There are many of us trying to eke a living in this way against a backdrop of rising unemployment and a lack of other support systems. And it ain't always easy!

Read on, I know it will sound like doom, gloom and bleakness. It isn't: I hope that in fact it will give you motivation, inspiration and confidence in what you are doing. I thinkrepparttar 125607 Internet isrepparttar 125608 *right* place to be. Follow allrepparttar 125609 advice you'll read to keep persevering in your efforts and don't falter whenrepparttar 125610 going gets tough. The only way you can fail is to give up.


In muchrepparttar 125611 same way as we are headed for enormous environmental changes, so we are headed for economic changes on a scale that none of us has witnessed before or will again.

Sincerepparttar 125612 mid 16th century,repparttar 125613 world's economies have suffered regular depressions and it is now recognised that there is a 60 year debt cycle. It doesn't take much to realise that sincerepparttar 125614 last, The Great Depression, fell inrepparttar 125615 1930's, that we inrepparttar 125616 '90's are therefore slap-bang in another.

However, there is also another cycle that is even more impacting. That is a 500 year cycle, which we are due to undergo aroundrepparttar 125617 year 2000. No-one has yet discovered any scientific reason for this cycle, but it certainly exists. In fact, it is already underway and it isrepparttar 125618 combination of these two economic cycles that is why there will be such an enormous revolution inrepparttar 125619 world economic structure as we know it.

We only have to look back into history to see what happened at previous 500 year intervals, to seerepparttar 125620 proof and measurerepparttar 125621 likely impact of what we will witness. History does repeat itself. It was between 50 BC and 50 AD thatrepparttar 125622 Christian religion began andrepparttar 125623 Roman Republic was replaced by an Empire. Around 500 AD,repparttar 125624 Roman Empire collapsed. At 1000 AD,repparttar 125625 Dark Ages ended to beginrepparttar 125626 Middle Ages.

In 1500 ADrepparttar 125627 Modern Age really began when great changes were brought about byrepparttar 125628 invention ofrepparttar 125629 printing press in around 1450. Imagine that impact of having been able to teach masses of people to read, write and communicate forrepparttar 125630 very first time.

Metrics Fraud

Written by Rob Emerick

Metrics fraud is a subject which is not discussed but I feel will come into mainstream conversations as Internet Advertising matures. I have been inrepparttar Internet marketing industry for five years now and I have seen many numbers come and go. The single ubiquitous truth, however, is that these numbers are often never questioned.

I have learned that inrepparttar 125600 age of Internet time, where decision-making processes are considered obsolete if they take more than 3 days and everything needs to be done yesterday, companies are spending millions of dollars on Internet ad buys without consideration towards fraud.

While we would all like to close our eyes and wish that any online business will deal with is respectable and would not deceive us we must realize what is actually occurring behindrepparttar 125601 scenes. In an economy where business valuations can gain millions of dollars in a short time based on trafficking analysis an unscrupulous businessman may be tempted to inflate his site's statistics for personal gain. Even though many Internet sites have their web trafficking numbers audited by third party vendors there are numerous sites onrepparttar 125602 Internet that police their own numbers. We are simply to trust these sites, on their good faith, that they will not deceive us.

Sincerepparttar 125603 Internet is a wild land with no rules many sagacious and forward-thinking individuals are pushing for standards. Not just standards of a programming language but standards that can be applied to most facets of e-business. While we are all waiting for these standards however, we should be responsible consumers and questions where are ad dollars are going.

I know of one large Internet company that was spending several hundred thousand dollars per month for online advertising and was not even aware that almost a quarter of their ad buy was going to unaudited websites. These websites could have inflated their numbers or demographics to justify a higher CPM and there is no way to verify it!

I recommend that you apply a degree of common sense to ad buys for your site or your clients. When I organize ad buys for my clients I make sure I know where every dollar is going and who it is going to. Before I commit to a network buy I get a complete site list of every site that I will run on and I scrutinize each site individually. One ofrepparttar 125604 questions I ask every site individually, yes I do contact each one individually, is whether or notrepparttar 125605 sites traffic is audited. I then discover which company audits that site and I verify that statement withrepparttar 125606 auditing house.

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