The Easiest Small Business Direct Marketing Tip You’ll Ever Get

Written by Joe Farinaccio

This really and truly isrepparttar easiest (and most profitable) small business direct marketing tip you’ll ever get. And when I say easy… I really mean EASY.

It’s a no-brainer.

Once I tell you what it is you’re probably going to say, “Oh that? I already knew that.”

But if you own a small business and are doing this I can tell you right now you’re an exception. “If this is such an easy and profitable small business direct marketing tip why isn’t everyone using it?”

That’s a good question. I don’t know. Maybe most small business owners think it’s too much of a hassle?

Not so.

It doesn’t take much time. Costs little. You could even pay a high school geek to dorepparttar 147842 computer stuff for you if you don’t feel like messing with it. The financial rewards can be huge... if you do it right. But this seems to be a small business direct marketing tip most people are happy to ignore.

So what’srepparttar 147843 big tip?


Every time you do business with a new customer ask them if they’d like to sign up for your free “e-mail alert.” Tell them you periodically offer specials and discounts for customers and ask them if they’d like to be included on your list so they can know when you have them. Many customers will gladly sign up.

Then … use your list.

Offer your customers something…

… specific … … limited … … and of value to them as well as yourself.

Let’s pretend... just for discussion’s sake... you’rerepparttar 147844 owner of Little Town Diner in Smallville.

You’d place a little E-mail address sign-up book right next torepparttar 147845 cash register. Include spaces on each page for customers to write-in both their name and a Email address. Haverepparttar 147846 cashier invite customers to sign it.

Build up your list of names. It’s valuable.

Suppose every Wednesday is a slow day atrepparttar 147847 diner. On Wednesday mornings you start sending out an Email like this one to your list.


Hi (Customer’s Name),

Pat here… fromrepparttar 147848 Little Town Diner. How’d you like for me to dorepparttar 147849 cooking tonight? I just got a HUGE shipment of chicken breasts in today and I’ve got to move these babies out!

So I’m running a SPECIAL today…

Pat’s 2 for 1 Special (today only- - eat in or take out)

2 juicy, tender barbecued chicken breasts... 2 baked potatoes or French fries onrepparttar 147850 side... 2 servings of string beans or cole slaw...AND...2 slices from any of our delicious pies-of-the-day (your choice).

Don’t want to eat out? No problem.

We can have your dinner packaged and ready for you to pick up at your convenience if you place your order before 3pm. Let us know about what time you’ll be in for your pick-up.

A Landing Page Is Not An Order Page (And Why It Matters)

Written by Leon Altman

To explain my point I need to first confuserepparttar issue a bit (you’ll see why): While a landing page is not an order page, it can, and in many cases should, containrepparttar 147734 order form.

So what isrepparttar 147735 difference? Is this just a question of semantics? Actually, there is a big difference and it can have a big effect on your conversion rate. Generally,repparttar 147736 order page is another page on your website. As such, it will have links to other parts of your site. Since someone who comes torepparttar 147737 order or signup page often comes from other parts of your site, and has looked at descriptions of your products and service, you can assume they are ready to buy or sign up. When that isrepparttar 147738 case, there is little need to go into much sell, if any, before getting torepparttar 147739 form prospects need to fill out.

Prospects who come to your site after seeing your marketing communications, online or offline, are in a different mindset. Generally, they are not prepared to buy or sign up yet. They need a landing page that includes some sell before seeingrepparttar 147740 order form. Confronting this prospect withrepparttar 147741 order form or signup form too early, before they feel prepared, can seem presumptuous and you can easily lose this prospect.

How much sell is needed depends onrepparttar 147742 communications prospects came from. A short ad or text link dictates longer sell than a lengthy article or direct mail letter. Another factor in how much sell/information copy is needed before asking forrepparttar 147743 order isrepparttar 147744 complexity of your product orrepparttar 147745 offer.

Sayrepparttar 147746 prospect came from a longer marketing communications piece, either an article or a direct mail letter. While this prospect has more information thanrepparttar 147747 one who comes from a short ad, there still needs to be some sell, even if it is to just quickly reiteraterepparttar 147748 benefits and makerepparttar 147749 prospect feel smart for coming torepparttar 147750 landing page and taking advantage of your offer.

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