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Goddess Signs - Which one are you? - A Review

Written by Cyann

Goddess Signs - Which one are you? Written by: Angelica Danton Review by: Cyann

Seeingrepparttar title, and readingrepparttar 122246 information about this book, I wanted to have high hopes as to its contents. There are so few good books combining Chinese Astrology with almost anything else. Alas, as often happens, I was let down.

The author does seem a good job of making ties between Chinese Astrology and goddesses, moon phases and planets, and some ofrepparttar 122247 herbs, at least onrepparttar 122248 surface, but like most books one can find involving this ancient tool, it is ill researched.

It errors just as many others before it, and many after I am sure, in stating that a persons Chinese Astrological sign is related torepparttar 122249 year in which they are born. This is incorrect. It does allow that a Chinese New Year does not start onrepparttar 122250 same day each year so that you must not look at onlyrepparttar 122251 year, butrepparttar 122252 full date of when you were born, if born nearrepparttar 122253 change ofrepparttar 122254 calendar year. It, however, leaves it at that, stating that this is how you find your Chinese Astrologic Sign.

Now anyone who has any real interest in Chinese Astrology is going to seerepparttar 122255 same errors I did in this. The Year is not your personal Chinese Astrological sign. That is a truthful as saying a person is just an Aquarius and following those little horoscopes you can find in most papers or online. Any good Astrologer will tell you to avoid those, and any good Chinese Astrologer will tell you to avoid usingrepparttar 122256 year as your sign.

To obtain your Chinese Astrological sign you need information similar to that which is required for other Astrological Charts. Your birth date, month, year, time, place, etc. This book, however, does not take any of that into account and only focuses, incorrectly, onrepparttar 122257 year.

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