The Dr. Phil Diet Explained

Written by Helen Laxton

Dr. Phil McGraw once published a book entitled "The Ultimate Weight Solution: Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom" in which he introducedrepparttar world to his new diet,repparttar 113109 "Shape Up Plan". This popular diet (allegedly top 10 inrepparttar 113110 USA) is based on 7 main foundations, namely:-

* Right thinking for self control * Healing feelings asrepparttar 113111 key to emotional control * No fail environment * Mastery over food and impulse eating * High-response cost / high-yield nutrition * Intentional exercise * The circle of support

Dr Phil is a realist - he reminds us that dieting is never easy. but then again, nothing worth having ever is! The Shape Up Plan is a balanced approach to weight control. You will essentially be eating high fiber foods such as complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits and vegetables plus lean protein and "good" fats.

Dr Phil explains that you need to focus on eating only "high-response-cost, high-yield foods." - a perfect example would be sunflower seeds - your body needs to do a lot of work to process these kinds of food beforerepparttar 113112 calories in them actually become available to you. This is in direct contrast to "low-response-cost, low-yield foods" like burgers or tacos which are easy to eat and digest. Dr Phil believes thatrepparttar 113113 extra stepsrepparttar 113114 body needs to take to process these good foods mean that they are leass likely to be converted to fat. Unlike some diets, you can eat most things in moderation. This is because Dr Phil believes restrictive diets don't work - banned food make dieters unhappy, and they tend to become obsessive about them leading to sudden binges, and dropping ofrepparttar 113115 diet. Instead, Dr Phil recommends you watch portion sizes, eat mostly foods that are high in nutrients and fiber, stay away from salts and fats, and choose foods that involve some work when eaten (such as broccoli, peanuts and fish).

Talks about Black (Shou/Ripe) Pu-erh

Written by Tea Hub

There are many black Pu-erh inrepparttar market. Some are Wo Dui processed and some are wet stored (we do not recommend drinking this type of Pu-erh). Wet stored Pu-erh tastes horrible and makes some first time Pu-erh drinkers believe that Pu-erh is a terrible tea. Although we have discussedrepparttar 113108 difference between Wo Dui Pu-erh and Wet Storage Pu-erh in our We Revealrepparttar 113109 Mystery of Pu-erh ( page, we feelrepparttar 113110 need to discuss this topic even further.

When Wo Dui technique was first introduced? The general consensus is that Kunming Tea Factory first started Pu-erh speedy aging technique research in 1973. According to Qiying Wu, former president of Kunming Tea Factory, 1975 wasrepparttar 113111 first year that Wo Dui technique was used in massive production.

What is Wo Dui technique? Wo Dui technique only applies to loose black Pu-erh production. Compressed Pu-erh are later processed using Wo Dui processed loose black Pu-erh. Afer a pu-erh is compressed,repparttar 113112 only way to speed up its aging is through wet storage. Ways like cave storage are types of wet storage.

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