The Domino Theory...

Written by Phil Basten

JV Alert

The Domino Theory... By Phil Basten and Jane Mark (JPE Advertising)

Most of us know what dominos are and many of us have seen those amazing demonstrations when a massive number of dominos are set in a somewhat magical array andrepparttar creator pushes one domino over and they all fall down in harmony one after repparttar 108081 other.

It's calledrepparttar 108082 domino theory and if you do it just right it works and looks spectacular.

Wouldn't it be great if online businesses worked this way?

It would be terrific if you could set up all your business dominos (strategies) and have them fall in justrepparttar 108083 right direction, wouldn't it?

Guess what?

You can, and it's easier than you think.

Ken McArthur and Sid Hale, two seasoned marketers, have put together a brilliant program that allows you to do this easily and quickly.

The program's called JV Alert.

It allows veteran and inexperienced marketers alike to get together with other marketers and dorepparttar 108084 kind of Joint Venture deals we all dream about.

When this site first opened over a year ago, My partner Jane and I jumped atrepparttar 108085 chance to be involved. It was a decision that has proved fruitful many times over.

We had one goal in mind at that time and that was to connect with someone who could help us sell an ebook we had written called 'Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?'

Internet marketing and keyword search - why branding should make a difference but isn't

Written by Angelique van Engelen

Online marketers are busy mapping that magical space whererepparttar overlap between real life andrepparttar 108080 internet is at its most poignant. Where else would they be looking than where real people are actually s p e l l i n g out what they are planning to buy - searches onrepparttar 108081 web?

Every online marketer does it. Buying keywords like crazy. But that is just about how much you hear when you try to focus on this area of internet marketing. It's a wild goose chase and it's unlikely a method will materialize in any recognizable form untilrepparttar 108082 dust has settled. If it ever will.

The keyword business is aboutrepparttar 108083 most competitive business transacted overrepparttar 108084 web, so -as with most ofrepparttar 108085 information on web related business- it's unlikely you will come across any lengthy piece with a comprehensive overview of what's going on where.

It's somewhat ironic that it's live and learn because in theory,repparttar 108086 marketing community should be in its walhalla withrepparttar 108087 arrival ofrepparttar 108088 internet. Hasn't it beenrepparttar 108089 marketing dream for centuries to get torepparttar 108090 stage where a potential customer takes an action? Atrepparttar 108091 end of a marketing ploy, in offline terms it's calledrepparttar 108092 hit,repparttar 108093 transaction,repparttar 108094 sale, closingrepparttar 108095 deal.

The specifics of keyword buying may be intransparent, but slowly more information is being gathered aboutrepparttar 108096 process of online buying. It is striking that this is not exactly a reversal, fromrepparttar 108097 offline process, but slightly. Fromrepparttar 108098 beginning onward,repparttar 108099 marketer can count on a lot more commitment from his potential customer simply because targeting is so much more specific ifrepparttar 108100 process kicks off withrepparttar 108101 customer's action.

Keyword marketing is much more powerful compared torepparttar 108102 offline marketing techniques, simply because it isrepparttar 108103 customer's actions that set offrepparttar 108104 spiral.

To foregorepparttar 108105 keyword search as a marketer means you miss out one vital element inrepparttar 108106 communication cycle your client goes through before purchasing a product. Inefficient marketing was mainlyrepparttar 108107 issue leading torepparttar 108108 demise ofrepparttar 108109 dotcom sector earlier on and, having learnt their lessonrepparttar 108110 hard way, marketers are now finding out more about what customers really want before launching campaigns. Fromrepparttar 108111 customer's own words. Sounds great in theory. In practice,repparttar 108112 landscape is bewildering to sayrepparttar 108113 least.

Havingrepparttar 108114 rights to certain keywords means you are dominatingrepparttar 108115 results that search engines will present to people who type in those words. What is so great about this is that unlike inrepparttar 108116 real world, online marketers have way more insight into what makes people buy. Because they have access to what actions customers take even before they would be onto them had they been inrepparttar 108117 offline world.

Mountains of gold onrepparttar 108118 horizon. Butrepparttar 108119 sector is still showing a lot of vulnerability and online marketing is in dire need of improvement simply becauserepparttar 108120 phenomenon is so new. The big advantage to customers is that people can find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently than on any other medium. But stillrepparttar 108121 gap between what customers are specifically looking onrepparttar 108122 web for and what they are offered is considerable.

Customers are too often puzzled, searching a product onrepparttar 108123 web and finding lists of items with brands totally alien to them. If an online campaign is not backed by offline action, its chance of survival will drop dramatically. Many product campaigns are faltering because adverts are simply being thrown in a surfer's face in irrelevant contexts, they are annoying or ill timed.

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