The Domain Name Game

Written by Jason Shpik

The Domain Name Game

The Widgets Corporation decides to start a Web site and naturally wants to name it Widgets.Com. But much torepparttar consternation of its management, it discovers there already is a Someone else has registeredrepparttar 134402 "domain name" and Widgets is stuck. It happens every day asrepparttar 134403 battle forrepparttar 134404 best domain names grows. But what in fact is a domain name and what arerepparttar 134405 issues surrounding their use? Domain names are simplyrepparttar 134406 addresses ofrepparttar 134407 Internet. Withoutrepparttar 134408 domain name, a computer would have no idea where to look for a Web page, and e-mail routers would not be able to send e-mail. Domain names are divided into hierarchies. The top-level ofrepparttar 134409 hierarchy appears afterrepparttar 134410 last dot inrepparttar 134411 domain name. In "",repparttar 134412 top level domain name is .com. The .com name isrepparttar 134413 most common top-level domain name, and is used to indicate thatrepparttar 134414 domain name is owned by a commercial enterprise. The disputes that arise over domain names involve "second level" domain names directly torepparttar 134415 left ofrepparttar 134416 top-level domain name. For instance, inrepparttar 134417 address ","repparttar 134418 second-level domain name is "Microsoft." Two identical second-level domain names cannot coexist underrepparttar 134419 same top-level domain. For example, even though bothrepparttar 134420 Delta Faucet Company and Delta Airlines would likerepparttar 134421 "" domain name, only one Delta company can have Unfortunately for both Delta Faucet Company and Delta Airlines, that Delta company is Delta Financial of Woodbury, New York. Instead of using, Delta Airlines uses, while Delta Faucet Company uses In order to register a second-level domain name under a top-level domain, a request must be made torepparttar 134422 organization that hasrepparttar 134423 power to assign names for that top-level domain. Prior to December 1999, a company called Network Solutions Inc. ("NSI") was almost solely responsible forrepparttar 134424 registration of second level domain names forrepparttar 134425 most popular top-level domains, including .com, .net and .org. As of December 1999,repparttar 134426 ability to, .net and .org domain names was spread out among many registrars. These registrars are accredited by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (or "ICANN"), a non-profit corporation formed specifically to control Internet domain name management and similar functions.

How To Host Several Websites Under One Account

Written by Mario Sanchez

How To Host Several Websites Under One Account

by: Mario Sanchez

If you operate several websites, each with its own domain name, signing up of separate accounts can be an expensive proposition. Even if your hosting company offersrepparttar add-on domain feature (which will allow you to add different domains torepparttar 134401 same hosting account) you will be charged a monthly fee for each domain you add, sometimes costing almostrepparttar 134402 same as your full hosting fee.

The solution is to open a reseller account. Reseller accounts were created to allow web designers to offer hosting services to their customers, to create a one-stop-shop for all their web design and hosting needs. However, you don't need to be a reseller to buy a reseller hosting plan.

Reseller accounts are usually slightly more expensive than regular hosting accounts, but they will allow you to host different domain names without incurring inrepparttar 134403 add-on domain fees, making more efficient use of your space and bandwidth.

You want to choose a reseller account that offers:

no limit torepparttar 134404 number of domains you can add. repparttar 134405 possibility of hosting your main website free, without using any ofrepparttar 134406 space and bandwidth in your hosting plan. If you are a reseller, your main website will be your business website, andrepparttar 134407 space and bandwidth will be reserved for your customers. If you are not a reseller and just want to manage different websites, you can designate one of your domains as your main website (usuallyrepparttar 134408 largest and/or most popular, since you won't accrue any space or bandwidth for it).

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