The Doctor's Words Hung in the Air..."No Flying!"

Written by Steve Melton

The Doctor's words hung inrepparttar air creating suddenly a turbulent shocking ride in my life.

Wow, those two little words may not sound devastating to you but to someone who earns their living flying airplanes, it's an awesome blow. Just imagine for a minute, your Doctor saying to you…

"Steve, you can no longer _____." Fill inrepparttar 117225 blank with your profession. If you are a Doctor, "Julie, you can no longer Doctor". "Josh, you can no longer practice law." "Jon, you can no longer teach."

Yes, those two words turned my shock and disbelief to fear. My life was suddenly without warning turned very upside down.

Yeah, I spent a few days and sleepless nights in denial and feeling sorry for myself and asking, "What do I do now?" Just as it was beginning to settle down within my industry, still reeling inrepparttar 117226 aftermath of 9/11…


The hammer falls again. It doesn't matter how you lose your job or profession. The results can be devastating. An accident,repparttar 117227 sudden onset of an illness orrepparttar 117228 company you have dedicated your life to goes bankrupt can produce an incredible amount of turmoil and stress in your life.

What do I do now? How do you provide for your family? How do we survive this?

The answer for me and perhaps for many of you isrepparttar 117229 Internet. The Internet has always been fascinating. Suddenly it was taking on a completely new life of its own. Like a Siren inrepparttar 117230 distant mist. It's sweet song calling me, luring me by name, seducing me into its clutches. Have I made mistakes? You bet I have, tons of them. You namerepparttar 117231 program, e-book or how to get rich scam. I fell victim torepparttar 117232 fraud, wasting hundreds of dollars and an incredible amount of time inrepparttar 117233 process.

Let me tell you what is turning it all around for me.

Are You Committing Affiliate Suicide?

Written by Gareth Longbottom

Whenever I get asked whyrepparttar number of people actually making money online from affiliate programs is so low, I have a number of answers ready.

I feelrepparttar 117224 one ofrepparttar 117225 main reasons isrepparttar 117226 way people are advertising their opportunity torepparttar 117227 prospect.

Just think about that for a moment, also think about how you are bringing prospects into your program or opportunity.

Far too many new affiliates tend to over-hype their opportunity inrepparttar 117228 hope of getting a new sign-up, some do it through miseducation aboutrepparttar 117229 opportunity and some through a deliberate effort to mislead to get an end result.

Unfortunately, this form of advertising will have a huge negative affect on their monthly online income and also onrepparttar 117230 way a prospect will react when they realize thatrepparttar 117231 opportunity is not all that was promised.

If this type of advertising and promotion describesrepparttar 117232 way you are promoting, I can predict your online future for you right now.................. don't have one!

That's right, you are wasting your time and money trying to build a successful online business in this way. If your business is MLM or network marketing based then you will soon find yourself dead inrepparttar 117233 water.

To build a solid residual income from one of those business types, you need to build a solid team of affiliates and members who trust you, and are prepared to follow you and your methods to get results.

More often than not you can not be successful unless your team or downline is successful, if you bring them in by promising more than you can deliver they will be gone before they earn you a cent.

If you want to build a successful online business in MLM or Network Marketing then you need to be honest and upfront about your program. If you have to make false claims about your opportunity to get people to sign-up, then you need to start looking for a new opportunity to join.

Find yourself a company that has been around for a while and I mean a few years not months. Find a company that is continuing to grow each year and that pays a good percentage of commission to it's affiliates per sale. I personally wouldn't go for any company that isn't offering over 30% commission per sale, unlessrepparttar 117234 price ofrepparttar 117235 product or service is high priced.

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