The Dirt on Screensavers

Written by Demetria Zinga

Remember back inrepparttar days where screensavers wererepparttar 147863 coolest thing atrepparttar 147864 office? You could stare at your co-worker’s “fish inrepparttar 147865 ocean” screensaver atrepparttar 147866 cubicle next door for hours and actually have a full afternoon of conversation about that one screensaver. Well, screensavers are still “in”, but not as “in” as they used to be. In fact, back inrepparttar 147867 old days, screensavers were essentially used to keep monitors from getting their images “burned in”. Back in those days,repparttar 147868 phosphors could be burned out of a monitor by leaving items displayed onrepparttar 147869 screen. Nowadays, we don’t have that problem . Our high resolution screens don’t get “burned in” anymore. In fact, when you use screensavers, you hog important resources on your PC. Not only does it take up unnecessary space, but you will need at least 64 MB of RAM and a card that displays 256 colors just to run a screensaver. It’s especially important to make sure that if you should choose to download a screensaver, to make sure it’s from a trusted source. You wouldn’t want to download viruses along with your cute screensaver.

5 Steps to Removing PC Clutter

Written by Demetria Zinga

It’s hard enough as it is these days to get organized and then remain that way for weeks and months downrepparttar road. We are all very busy people, some of us with 9-5 jobs and one hour commutes, and others of us busy making our lives at home work for us, with children at tow and a variety of chores to do as well as errands to run. However, no matter how vastly different our lives may be, we all run intorepparttar 147862 same problems when dealing with organization, and that’s: KEEPING organized. need to develop a system that helps your PC remain free of clutter and organized. Granted, this task doesn’t come easy at first, but all it takes is a few extra steps each day, done consistently, that will maximize your results inrepparttar 147863 long run.

So, let’s say you have disorganized files all over your hard drive that you have difficulty finding when you need them. Your PC keeps catching viruses out ofrepparttar 147864 blue. You don’t know what to do with all your spam mail. You have extra programs and freeware on your PC that you don’t know anything about, and even if you did, wouldn’t know what to do with them. Here are a few steps to help you get started inrepparttar 147865 right direction:

1.)Get rid of any unnecessary files or programs that are on your hard drive. This requires a little homework on your part. You’ll need to set asiderepparttar 147866 time to sit down and actually take a look at all ofrepparttar 147867 files on your PC and delete what you don’t need. A few things to do periodically for optimal performance is to run a disk cleanup, use your system file checker, and defragment your hard drive. 2.)Organize all of your files and folders. Once you’ve deleted everything you don’t need, take a look at what’s left. Is there some way you could organize these in nice categorical folders, so that it’s easier to retrieve them later on? For example, you could create a few folders underneath your My Documents folder, and give then names such as: My Journal, My TV Shows, My Videos, My Business, My Songs, My JobFind, etc. You could then place all respective files underneath these neatly organized folders. You can also take advantage of many ofrepparttar 147868 folders already supplied to you by Microsoft Windows, such as My Pictures and My Music.

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