The Difference Between Article Marketing and Traditional Article Writing

Written by Dina Giolitto

Lately, there seems to be some confusion between Article Marketing and regular article writing. People wonder why I would write articles when I'm not getting paid for them. Paid, of course beingrepparttar traditional way where money is exchanged for labor.

Article Marketing is not "article writing" as you may know it if you're a writer or reader of magazines, journals and such.

Article Marketing is a new concept that's being used by web experts to help spreadrepparttar 149221 word about their businesses. It's a tool that's meant to increase your website's visibility.

If you're familiar with link exchanging and link distribution, you know thatrepparttar 149222 more websites who include a link to your own website,repparttar 149223 more exposure you get andrepparttar 149224 more chance you have for making a sale.

Of course,repparttar 149225 drawback to Link Distribution is that there's nothing about your link that stands out in a crowd. But what if I told you that you'd be able to include information along with your link? And that information could be written inrepparttar 149226 form of a short article?

That's it, that's Article Marketing. It's not *really* about fantastic writers creating amazing and life-changing articles that took months of research and development.

It's about marketers and savvy web entrepreneurs who want to increase their popularity onrepparttar 149227 web while atrepparttar 149228 same time using a personal touch - an article - to draw in a loyal following who will be interested in purchasing their products.

Imagine what you could do with a little space to add some words and warmth and compelling copy to that website link of yours! Imagine no longer. Kids,repparttar 149229 dream is here and it's Article Marketing.

Article Marketing Explained in 4 Points

1. Article Marketing starts with an article syndication site. 2. The site collects articles written by marketers and writers. 3. The article authors are asked to include a personal bio and link to their website. 4. The articles are then picked up by other websites who want to showcase fresh, relevant content in a specific niche.

As I mentioned inrepparttar 149230 first paragraph, I don't get paid cold hard cash to write articles for my own company (although you're welcome to pay me cash to write yours!). My payment for article marketing is exposure.

Google News - Just another article announcer?

Written by Martin Lemieux

By: Martin Lemieux

In Google's recent battle towards becoming an international news center, I've come to notice thatrepparttar results delivered from Google News seems like nothing more thanrepparttar 148879 articles we publish everyday. So I ask, doesn't it seem like Google News resembles an article directory of some sorts?

Google News World: Google News Canada: Google News UK:

I only mention this because when submitting my internet marketing articles, I often wonder if they show up within Google News? 9 times out of 10, they do! In fact, they usually show up within 48 hours of being indexed from other top related websites.

How does Google News select it's content?

Right now, it seems that "news centers" & "press release companies" related to your field online are profiting from these search results. When you think about it, wouldn't a press release be a form of news anyways? Possibly...

If you take a good look atrepparttar 148880 websites who deliverrepparttar 148881 content within Google news, you will notice that only a select few are providing all ofrepparttar 148882 results. Again, it's possible that Google's news algorithm is still in its infant stages and probably has a lot of uphill battles to conquer.

It may be in Google's best interest to assemble a team of experts in different fields to accept articles/news submissions in order to keeprepparttar 148883 news source withinrepparttar 148884 Google kingdom.

There is Only A Fraction of Results Showing:

While searching throughrepparttar 148885 GN section, you will also notice a relatively small portion of actual search results coming up. Only a fraction of a percentage of results get listed withinrepparttar 148886 GN search results compared torepparttar 148887 same results withinrepparttar 148888 regular search results found on Google's main page.

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