The Delight of Coffee Shop Diners!

Written by Randy Wilson

Coffee Shop Diners a thing ofrepparttar past? Nah! Drive down US Route 40 or Route 66 through America, and you’ll see gleaming, stainless steel diners in almost every town and city. These restaurants may seem like a relic of a bygone era, but they almost always have cars outside and people inside. How can it be possible that such places still hold a piece ofrepparttar 141263 American Dream? No one really knows, but after almost 150 years, coffee shop diners are still a strong piece of Americana.

The classic coffee shop diner got its start back in 1858 when a man byrepparttar 141264 name of Walter Scott started selling sandwiches to people in Providence, Rhode Island. Byrepparttar 141265 late 1800’s, diner owners bought old, decommissioned street cars and turned them into diners, adding a counter, some stools and a kitchen.

Then camerepparttar 141266 1950’s, and diners were transformed into a form recognized today – lots of stainless steel, large windows, and art deco décor.

Overrepparttar 141267 past fifty years, diners have disappeared and changed hands many times over. Journalists have frequently extolled aboutrepparttar 141268 impending loss ofrepparttar 141269 diner. But it never seemed to happen.

Instead,repparttar 141270 diners keep going year after year, with new owners servingrepparttar 141271 same great customers and travelers who are just passing through.

Today, coffee shops and diners are located in towns and cities, airports and bus and train stations. Most offer a fairly large menu with a wide variety of standard American food--chicken, hamburgers, eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

Most still prominently feature a counter with stools in addition to tables where waitresses take your order. A large number of these diners are in major metropolitan areas and stay open 24 hours a day, offering cheap food at all hours ofrepparttar 141272 day and night. They’re frequented by people of every walk of life.

Healthy Seafood Recipie

Written by Robert Lugton

I try to have a bit of laugh alongrepparttar way so, humour me try to laugh at my jokes I think their funny  and most of all have a great time, and lets start cooking.

If you have any questions or you would like some advice on what is good kitchen equipment, where do you go for good fruit and veg or how to be funny, contact me at

My recipe I am going to give you today is Moules Provencale, (you can say it to all your friends and impress them with your French)

Moules Provencale (Mussels Provencale Style) Serves 4 as entrée, 2 as main course

You will need, forrepparttar 141167 Provencale sauce 600gr tinned chopped tomatoes 6 cloves chopped garlic 1 onion finely diced 1 med red chilli diced (seeds in if you like it hot, seeds out it you like it mild) 75ml of white wine 5 tbsp of fennel seed, or 1 small head of fresh fennel about 100-150 gr finely chopped 2tbsp of extra virgin olive oil ½ bunch of basil leaves chopped 3 sprigs of thyme picked or chopped 3 bay leaves (look like eucalyptus leaves well that is what my niece thinks, available inrepparttar 141168 dry spice isle ofrepparttar 141169 supermarket) Salt and pepper Pinch of sugar Method: Get a heavy based sauce pan heat it up over a medium heat, add your olive oil, diced onion, chilli, garlic and fennel, cook for 1-2 mins untilrepparttar 141170 onion has softened add your white wine, tinned tomatoes, basil, thyme and bay leafs, allow it to come torepparttar 141171 boil and simmer for 10-15 mins, season with salt and pepper and a pinch of sugar

Forrepparttar 141172 mussels 2kg of fresh black mussels 1 carrot small dice ½ onion small dice 1 stick of celery small dice 2 cloves of garlic diced 2tbsp olive oil ½ bunch of chopped basil 100ml white wine 150gr of chopped black olives

Method: To clean your mussel (stop smirking), give it a shower underrepparttar 141173 tap give it a scrub, and don’t forget to give it a manicure by pulling off its beard. Get a heavy based pan with a firm fitting lid and place it on a high heat (if you do not have a pot big enough for your mussel do it two times). We want our mussel to have a really quick hot steamy time. Now after your pan has heated up place your diced vegetables and chopped garlic inrepparttar 141174 pan quickly give it a mix so it does not burn, add our white wine and our mussels, quickly putrepparttar 141175 lid on and leave for a few minutes. If you see it steaming, it meansrepparttar 141176 mussels are having a great time so don’t openrepparttar 141177 lid and spoil their fun. After a few good minutes allrepparttar 141178 mussels should be open, add our Provencale sauce black olives and basil. Serve it up heaped up in a big main bowl with a few slices of crunchy wholegrain bread to mop uprepparttar 141179 beautiful sauce. This recipe is great with some cooked cous cous, a fresh green salad or some cooked spaghetti with some mussels tossed through. Now your'e cooking with gas.

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