The Deadly Itch!

Written by Arun Pal Singh

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

It is a story about Manku, a blind man who was lost in a maze of wealth. It is a story about each of us. Read and interpret carefully.

Manku was a poor blind man. He worked very hard to feed his family and himself. After day’s toil everyday he could barely manage to survive. He was a talented man butrepparttar man he worked for did not pay him well. Manku never complained but always got sad when he received his monthly wages.

He wanted a good house. Good clothes for his children, a lot of jewelry for his wife and all possible comforts of life that money can bring. But everything seemed just a dream. He worked hard everyday onrepparttar 140211 same wages asrepparttar 140212 time passed by.

One day he considered going to maze of wealth. He had heard about this earlier too but people were speaking loudly now. He had always laughed at this earlier as he never believed in rumors. But now he had a reason to ponder. Sonkulat, his friend who went there had returned richer now and was all ga ga about this maze.

Manku decided to visit Sonkulat.

It was a maze located in a jungle in southwest and was full of wealth. There was an entrance door which led insiderepparttar 140213 maze. The maze was dead dark inside. Nothing visible inside. One has to grope inside that dark to find anything.

‘It would not make much difference to me, I already do that’, Manku thought.

There is only one door inside in that maze full of pitfalls that will lead to wealth house. But careful! You need to avoid pitfalls. Use my tip. Stay alongrepparttar 140214 wall and feel forrepparttar 140215 door.

Manku did that. He stayed alongrepparttar 140216 wall. But he could not avoidrepparttar 140217 falls. Sometimes it took days to come out ofrepparttar 140218 pit. He struggled and struggled. A year passed and Manku came back, empty handed...

Yahoo Store: The Best E-commerce Platform for SEO

Written by Scott Smigler

If you’re a small business with a goal of doing between $500,000 and $15 million in annual e-commerce sales, you need to learn more about Yahoo Merchant Solutions. And to answer your first question… no, Exclusive Concepts, Inc is not in any way affiliated with Yahoo. I’ve simply been persuaded overrepparttar past 6 years that Yahoo providesrepparttar 140176 most powerful and scaleable e-commerce solution forrepparttar 140177 small business that cares about search engine placement. Why should you care about search engine placement? Search engines arerepparttar 140178 single most powerful and cost-effective mechanism for driving qualified traffic to your site. What good is a great online store if customers can’t find you?

First things first – What is Yahoo Merchant Solutions (a.k.a. “Yahoo Store”)

It’s a complete platform for building an e-commerce website for your company. It has a easy to use forms-based interface (for a low cost entry-level solution), but it also has very advanced capabilities that allow third-party Yahoo Store specialists to customizerepparttar 140179 design and features of your site (for companies that need greater functionality and customization and are willing to make a larger investment).

What makesrepparttar 140180 Yahoo Store so outstanding?

If you visitedrepparttar 140181 Yahoo Merchant Solutions website, you would find a number of valuable features that make Yahoo Store appealing. Instead of repeating that list, I’ll focus instead on what I believe to berepparttar 140182 most important feature of a Yahoo Store from a search engine ranking perspective.

Static Pages – The Search Engines Eat These Things Up

Before you glaze over from this obscure technical phrase, consider that this single Yahoo Store benefit, if properly taken advantage of, can berepparttar 140183 difference between having a wildly profitable e-commerce store, and just an average online presence. I’m sure I have your attention now, so let me explain.

”Static Pages” means that when you publish your Yahoo Store (to makerepparttar 140184 store available torepparttar 140185 public),repparttar 140186 program actually regenerates every single “database” page and turns it into an “.html” page. The search engines have an easier time indexing “.html” pages, and as a result, you can expect better and more consistent rankings. I’m sure that for many of you this will sound confusing, so let me give you an example:

•Most dynamic e-commerce sites have interior pages that are “dynamic,” meaning that they are pulled from a database as you browserepparttar 140187 site. The “URL” for one of these pages might look like this:

•A Yahoo Store interior page is “static,” meaning thatrepparttar 140188 pages are not pulled from a database as you browserepparttar 140189 site. They might look like this:

This is important because it is easier for search engines (like Google) to index a website that has static pages, as compared to dynamic sites with many parameters. Google says so on their website.

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