The Dangers of Harry Potter

Written by Michael Bradley

The Harry Potter book has just been released inrepparttar bookstores this week.This book isrepparttar 150997 sixth book in a planned series of 7 books.

Iím sure you have all heard that these books have been a huge success and there are millions of kids throughoutrepparttar 150998 world hooked on these books as well as quite a few adults themselves. The publishing industry has never seen anything quite like this. What isrepparttar 150999 fascination with these books and nowrepparttar 151000 movie? Why are so many children and some adults drawn to these books?

There have always been movies and fiction books on witchcraft, wizardry and sorcery - but none of them have ever obtainedrepparttar 151001 popularity that this series of books has. What is so different with this line of books? Why are they so much more popular than anything else that has ever been written?

Many ofrepparttar 151002 major Christian ministries are up in major arms about these books and nowrepparttar 151003 movie. They say these books are a lure to lead children and adults into witchcraft andrepparttar 151004 other dark occult arts.

However, we have always had these types of movies and books coming at us. Why all of a sudden are so many Christians coming out against these books where they have really not done this inrepparttar 151005 past with all ofrepparttar 151006 fantasy movies Hollywood has come out with inrepparttar 151007 past.

I've always felt in my spirit that there really was something different with these series of books - but I never bought or read any of them. I went ahead and rentedrepparttar 151008 very first Harry Potter video and watched it in its complete entirety to see if these Christians were right in their criticism of this movie and these books or if they were just getting too carried away on what at first glance just seems to be harmless fantasy entertainment.

After watching and reviewing this movie very carefully, it is my personal opinion thatrepparttar 151009 Christians who are up in arms over these books and movie are right! This movie, and especiallyrepparttar 151010 series of books themselves, is a definite lure fromrepparttar 151011 dark side to entice and trap people into not only witchcraft itself - but other occult arts, which are expressly forbidden by Godrepparttar 151012 Father inrepparttar 151013 Bible.

There is no question that Satan isrepparttar 151014 one orchestratingrepparttar 151015 way that these books have been written up and how they have been so cleverly marketed to a mass audience who have no idea what is really lurking behind all of it. Satan has very cleverly put a major spiritual secret in these books and movies that is in operation inrepparttar 151016 spiritual realm that will draw some ofrepparttar 151017 more ignorant and naive intorepparttar 151018 real world of witchcraft.

In Mortal Danger: major cities targeted?

Written by David Ben-Ariel

Will Providence permit foreign murderers in our midst (in attitude, if not yet in action) to unleash nuclear fires within our major cities? If our beloved nation has refused to remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities (and forswear foreign religious ways and hollow days of pagan origin God's Word condemns) and sustain a healthy interest inrepparttar spiritual and return torepparttar 150996 God ofrepparttar 150997 Bible, aren't we only reaping more of what we've sown and suffering CAUSE AND EFFECT,repparttar 150998 dire consequences of our national sins? (Dan. 9:11).

Willrepparttar 150999 Great God of history and all creation let us continue to get knocked down and around until Europe deals usrepparttar 151000 death blow? Are we headed forrepparttar 151001 disasters of food and water shortages, race riots, terrorist sleeper cells activated, supernatural weather and plagues of biblical proportion until we suffer NATIONAL DEFEAT AND DEPORTATION?

Will we save ourselves and our loved ones fromrepparttar 151002 savage state of near extinction, hear and heedrepparttar 151003 warnings of imminent famine, destruction and houses left desolate? (2 Chron. 7:14). Or will we demand divine intervention after three and a half years of "hell" before Heaven is established on Earth?

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