The Dangers of Canine Parasites

Written by Rose Smith

When you get a puppy, one ofrepparttar first things that you need to do is make an appointment withrepparttar 144964 vet to get your new family member his or her vaccinations. Along with any recommended shots, your cuddly canine will probably get a dose of a de-worming formula to rid them of any internal parasites.


Some parasites can be very dangerous to your dog, especially to puppies. For instance, a hookworm (about 1/8" in length) will adhere itself torepparttar 144965 small intestine and begin to suckrepparttar 144966 blood from your pet. It can cause severe anemia, followed by circulatory collapse, severe diarrhea, hemorrhaging, shock and finally death.

Puppies may receive hookworms throughrepparttar 144967 mother's placenta duringrepparttar 144968 gestation period or throughrepparttar 144969 mother's milk when nursing. This is why it is very important that new puppies receive a de-worming formula.

These parasites can also enter an adult dog quite easily when your pet walks over soil that contains any contaminated feces from other animals. In turn, your dog then licks his or her paws and ingestsrepparttar 144970 hookworm larvae. Even withoutrepparttar 144971 paw lickingrepparttar 144972 larvae can burrow throughrepparttar 144973 skin and intorepparttar 144974 dog. Once inside,repparttar 144975 larvae migrate torepparttar 144976 small intestine where they grow into adult hookworms, usually within 14 days.

A female hookworm will begin to lay eggs... 20,000 of them per day! As you can see, it is vitally important to have your favorite canine de-wormed should they become infested with hookworms. If you see symptoms such as diarrhea, weakness, pale gums, or weight loss, take your canine torepparttar 144977 veterinarian immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis is usually made through a small stool sample. Treatment consists of an oral or injected medication which killsrepparttar 144978 adult hookworms, but notrepparttar 144979 larvae. This treatment needs to be repeated again in 2 to 4 weeks to killrepparttar 144980 larvae that have emerged as adults. In cases of severe anemia, your dog may require a blood transfusion.


“Toby” – My Whirling Twirling Sheltie

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Five years ago this August a funny little puppy came to live in our home.

He was tiny, blue-gray and white colored coat, skinny tail that hurt when it hit you andrepparttar biggest bat ears I’d ever seen on a puppy.

There was one other oddity his eyes were two different colors, one blue one brown.

This little guy’s energy level was amazing; he ran and bounced like there were springs attached torepparttar 144858 pads of his feet. He made us laugh fromrepparttar 144859 moment he walked throughrepparttar 144860 front door.

Howeverrepparttar 144861 reality of having a new puppy soon set in, keep in mind we had not done this for fifteen years.

Prior to Toby’s arrival we had been blessed with a wonderful Golden Retriever named Beau. Unfortunately after fifteen years of love and companionship he left us due to a long illness.

Getting back torepparttar 144862 new puppy for aboutrepparttar 144863 first year I awoke each morning between 4:00 – 4:30am, walked aroundrepparttar 144864 yard inrepparttar 144865 freezing cold – it was October when this little furbaby came to live with us – then slept in a chair with my new little buddy.

Inrepparttar 144866 endrepparttar 144867 interrupted sleep, housebreaking and everything else that come with a new puppy was well worth it.

Toby has grown into a beautiful, absolutely handsome dog – Oh, in case I didn’t mention it, he is a Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog – he has brought so much joy and laughter to our home, but most importantly he helped fill a void in my heart that I really believed would be there forever.

He is such a wonderful friend. Every morning he is waiting for me when I come downrepparttar 144868 stairs - he’s afraid of stairs and will not go up or down - sits next to me while watching TV and lays in his bed right next to my desk keeping me company while usingrepparttar 144869 computer.

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